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Cougar's first cough

Posted by spridget, 04 March 2012 - - - - - - · 4,216 views

A couple weeks ago the g/f and I took a vacation to Mexico. For the first time since the Cougar's resurrection, the car sat for two weeks. I've been driving it nearly every day, and never a check engine light in almost 25,000 miles. My g/f drove the Cougar to work, and guess what. CEL comes on.

I check the codes, one for IMRC stuck open, another...

The Cougar is complete

Posted by spridget, 26 July 2010 - - - - - - · 1,141 views

Almost 1 year exactly since the Craptour was killed by a tornado, the '02 Cougar, Hello Cooter, is finished. Most of the major components that went into building the Craptour found a new home in the Cougar.

The stock '97 y-pipe was swapped for an MSDS ceramic coated y-pipe. The exhaust note in the cabin is quieter. The stock '97 main cat...

Cooter becomes a daily driver

Posted by spridget, 22 May 2010 - - - - - - · 1,000 views

After passing some documents through the title and registration office at my local courthouse, and sneaking through a state safety inspection, Hello Cooter is finally 100% legal and road worthy.

Interior is all together. Stereo is complete. Rear strut tower brace installed. Refilled the A/C with refrigerant. Swapped BAT hi-flow pipe for stock '97 V6...

Hello Cooter!

Posted by spridget, 03 May 2010 - - - - - - · 1,124 views

The Cougar is now named Cooter... Hello Cooter to be exact. If you are unfamiliar with the term "cooter", the Urban Dictionary defines it as "the holiest of holies, the place all men aspire to be" and simply "vagina." In other words.... pussy aka kitty. Kinda dirty, but that's how this mind works.

Torrie McPhail of...


Posted by spridget, 18 March 2010 - - - - - - · 1,301 views

I spent half the day tearing apart the Craptour. Scavenged a few parts to save, and then broke out the reciprocating saw. It did not take long to remove the roof and split the car across the middle. I'll finish up tomorrow and haul the carcass...

Hello Cougar!

Posted by spridget, 16 October 2009 - - - - - - · 1,140 views

I hauled this 2002 Coog back from Houston this week. It has only 1 previous owner, dealer installed black leather and dealer installed Webasto one-touch moonroof. The front bumper and left front headlight are cracked up. Interior is very clean and overall, paint and body are in good shape. The engine bay is clean. I'm told that is was always run with...

97, 98, 99

Posted by spridget, 06 October 2009 - - - - - - · 970 views

I shuffled the cars around while I was mowing and found them lined up in front of the house.

Posted Image

The '98 is now rolling on 15's. Excuse the dirt, we regularly travel country...

Update on nothing

Posted by spridget, 17 August 2009 - - - - - - · 773 views

Since the tornado, I had the Craptour parked at my girlfriend's house under a carport. As is typical of Summer in Texas, it has not rained since. When my girlfriend's lease ended last month, I brought the Craptour home. Unfortunately, I don't have anywhere else to park it but in the side yard. And guess what.... that very night, it rains. I...

Air conditioning... Craptour in Texas style

Posted by spridget, 11 June 2009 - - - - - - · 629 views

Tornado blew through Burnet this evening. Trees are down all over town. My neighbor has one in her back yard. A local friend called to check on me; she has a tree on her roof. Roofs have been pealed back. I think a few panels on my roof are loose, but held.

A 8" branch broke off a tree across the street and landed on the...

SCT finally helping?

Posted by spridget, 06 June 2009 - - - - - - · 731 views

The latest tune is still rich. Several dealers have looked at my logs, offered help, but none have been successful. Paul, my main tuner from the beginning is about ready to throw in the towel. He offered to refund 1/2 my money for the XCal 3. I accepted his offer, but he is still trying to get SCT to provide support.

From his latest email: "After...

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