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The rear dome light

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Posted 25 June 2011 - 09:46 AM

Mystique your back seat:

Rear dome light mod.... lately I have been doing several mods to my 99 svt. Some by necessity others for the heck of it. Again the goal is to make it as fancy as my wifes 95 GL 4 banger now with svt exhaust too.. :P

It is time for the Mystique rear dome light to be installed to provide light for the back seat cave. This is not a new mod but perhaps you haven't seen it.


Mystique rear dome light.

Wiring harness.

3 scotch locks.

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One needs to start it at the JY. The part is very easy to pop out of the Mystique. I usually take the light out, loosen the driver side of the headliner by;

Remove the two rear headliner retainers. They are a T type and have two parts where the top one inserts into and spreads the bottom one.

Remove the rear grab handle there are two screws under the flip open covers.

Remove the weather stripping at the front and rear doors.

Grab the "C" pillar cover and pop it out but not all the way off.

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Remove the "B" pillar cover by pulling inward then up. It will hang there by the seat belt and you need to ensure when reinstalling that the seat belt adjuster is in the correct position and works. 99's and 00's have a screw under a cover at the top also.

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Remove the "A" pillar cover by grabbing and pulling inward on a slight diagonal. Most likely you will break some or all of the white plastic retainers. At the JY keep trying until you have 3 good ones for your install.

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Remove the visor.

Now that the headliner is all loose reach up along the roof edge and remove the harness and clips. Then at the "A" pillar I cut the wire down as close to the dash as possible.

Just getting these parts lets you know what to do for install. However prep depends on how and where you plan to connect it. Some people power it from the front light using scotch locks or solder. I usually tie it to the power at the "A" pillar. It is the same circuit just a different location. If you also choose to do that be sure you have the 3 "A" pillar clips handy because when removing the trim you will break one or all of them. Either way you will want to clean up the end of the harness to make it easy for your connection and ensure you have enough length. You also need to cut it at the top corner of the windshield where it branches off to the front dome light and lighted visors if you have them. (or don't cut it and take the whole thing)

If you don't have a moonroof this is very simple to do just cut the hole and fish the wires from the front light to the rear dome. With the moonroof one has to fish the wires around that so I started by removing the trim around the opening…. And all the rest , as I did at the JY. (it's a good time to do the lighted moonroof switch too.)

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I remove the rear headliner retainers to check the location of the hole….. it is centered between the retainers and about 4" forward from the back edge. But you know that from the JY already.

Just cut the hole in the headliner by following around the inside of the hole in the roof support with your knife. It's about 1"x3".

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Then run the wires and make your connections. I prefer to install the harness in the factory manor and solder the connections at the "A" pillar. However, I have also used the scotch locks and both methods work ok. If using the scotch locks the size of both wires should match.

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This time I tried to just do the simple thing but, I already had the "A" pillar trim off due to another project, and since I was also adding a pig tail for a lighted visor mirror on the driver's side I just went and did it using the clips like the factory does and well….. It all took about an hour......
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Posted 27 June 2011 - 04:43 AM

Possibly my favorite mod to the Contour next to the 3L engine. I cut the hole in the headliner the same way... with a sharp knife, like buttah.

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Aussie Ford

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Posted 27 June 2011 - 08:20 AM

The three mods I use most are:
The fog light mod.
The rear dome light.
The auto ups & downs on the windows.

However after about a week one tends to forget about them..... they are just taken for granted. Which to me is how a good mod should be. As I am working my way around to getting the SVT up to speed, mod wise that is, I haven't done the windows yet and you can't count the number of times I hit the up button and when nothing happens I'm still surprised...... LOL

Both dreading and looking forward to a 3.0L mod....... perhaps in the 95 LOL (someday)