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garage foundation!

here's the final foundation. it's got a monolithic curb with openings for the doors and a couple pics of the area that the city needs to come by and fill in out in the alley way. 2" pitch from north to south towards the alley way.



sewing will commence!

I have managed to fix my sewing machine and get all of the cams and various other tid bits to commence the sewing actions! yeah!!!! my first shifter boot will begin this week! yes !!! since I don't have any room in the garage I will start on this instead, but only until the bathroom cabinet, sink and faucet come in. That may be a few weeks until then. It's a complete custom job because the bathroom is so small. Then on to tile.!?and paint, paint first then tile...? That's another week of work or



shifter boot leather and/or seat back bubble redesign leather

a slight redesign in the future. shifter boot in this midnight blue lamb or a jet black pebble leather with white SVT backed cutout. gonna try to get a matching thread or maybe red? not sure yet. same type of thing planned for the seat backing bubbles across the high mid back rest of the seats. the boot is straight foreward, but the seats may be more of a challenge to cut and paste (per say.) the seats will get the treatment when the ventilated system gets worked out. still hung up on vent tube



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