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An Introduction...



Where to start, where to start...


I've owned my Mystique for a little over one and a half years now and I really can't complain too much about my experience. I'll admit, I hated it for a while when I first got it, mostly because I had to teach myself to drive a stick. Slowly as time went on, it grew on me and now here I am today, getting ready to bring her home from a shop so I can fix her. Yes you read that right!

Anyway on to the mods. The first mod I did was the open K&N filter. The previous owner had a S&B racing filter on there but it was starting to fall apart. After I joined CEG back in September of 2007, I did the fog light mod which was shortly followed by the fog light mod 2, which turns the fogs on when you press a button on the fob or open any of the doors. On Christmas morning of 2007, the starter gave its last kick and after replacing the starter, putting in new valve cover seals, upper and lower intake scrub, and new intake gaskets, I had issues getting her to start which ended up being a combination of bad plug wires and a blocked IAC hose. Within a day I installed a set of led side markers, and 3 days from the time I got the car back on the road, she died on me. 3 minutes after a WOT pull through 3rd. Long story short, I had it towed home and after a month of sitting, I finally got around to changing the fuel filter and fuel pump because I THOUGHT the pump went bad. Well I reconnected the battery and everything started smoothly and she ran great. I installed my HID kit early last Saturday and that evening she died again. This time I had her towed to a shop because I was so frustrated and they called me today to tell me all 6 injectors are faulting and they suggest I take it to a dealer. Well looks like she's coming home and I'll have to make the time to fix her. Stay tuned...


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