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Some thoughts on the problems

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Well first I want to thank the shop that looked at my car. They didn't charge me a dime and even towed my car home for free, so I went over and gave them 30 bucks to buy everyone lunch. When I got home to find my car sitting in my driveway I said "what the hell" and turned the ignition. Of course the car fires right up and ran for over an hour straight without stalling one. I tugged at every wire I could find and nothing cause the car to die, so I no longer am concerned about a possible short, although it is not 100% ruled out, it is far less likely now. My attention is now turning to the computer. I have finally realized that the time the car dies is when all 8 system monitors are complete. And it seems that the car starts after clearing the PCM and letting it sit a little. So now I need to invest in some equipment to take this further. I am considering buying a Cougar that someone I know is selling. It's a MTX Silverfrost zetec, but it gets 34MPG. Most likely I will buy the cougar and then start to have some fun with the mystique. Once I can solve the issue, she's getting a built 3 liter and may I strongly emphasize BUILT. I'm going to go the whole 9 yards with a N/A setup, and keep it barely street legal for some summer and track fun. Anyway, I've got to get back to thinking.


P.S. I finally got to turn on the new HID's at night and holy crap, they are freakin bright (even at 6000k). Too bad I don't want to risk driving it.

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