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Back at Dom's Shop



Last weekend I drove up to Ohio to drop the Cougar off for some transaxle work. I had a great time hanging out with Brian (Racerx), Dom and Billy while I was up there. :gathering: Dom is sending the tranny to Terry Haines to look at the 3rd gear issue and do some upgrades to it as well. While it's at the shop, Dom is going to look at the small oil leak. The cause is more than likely the crank seal, probably due to a possible scored DMD from being removed and installed quite a bit. I also asked him to look at doing some rewiring of the battery cables (fix my screwup lol).


I decided it's best to leave the wiring and electrical work to the hands of a professional rather than do it myself. I think I'll stick to radio installs and minor vehicle maintenance. I've been impressed with the quality of work Dom puts into my car.


There's some other things on the list and I'm glad that while it's there it'll be looked into. I may put on a fresh new set of tires on it as the current tires (Yokohama Parada Spec 2) are showing wear signs as well as get on my nerves with the road noise. The exhaust is loud enough and adding the tire noise doesn't help. I looked at the Yokohama S.drive tires as a suitable summer tire replacement.


Dom also pointed out that there is some small bubbling on the roof of my car by the washer nozzle. Yay. I was thrilled to discover that. :wallbash: So I guess I'll have to have that looked at some point in time.


Overall I'm fairly excited and I can't wait to get the car back. :yahoo:


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