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Alternator upgrade...

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Since I have the engine out for another couple of days, I've been looking hard at the newer Cougars and there alternator setup. It's simpler than our setup and easibly changeable without removing the axle shaft to get the alternator out.


Think about it, a quick change alternator!...lol. Anyway, found an alternator used for $35... and I had a spare late model Cougar bracket laying around so I decided to pull the trigger on the swap.


Here's a quick pic of the alternator and it's mounting...




The wiring is different, you don't use the small grey single wire anymore and the regulator is now internal instead of external... So the connector is changed. I'm sure it's an easy swap...



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Dom - thanks again for taking the time to talk with me about this swapout.


I've located all 3 parts (the connector was the tough one) and will chase them down this afternoon.


Will you be posting the electrical changes/photos here in the blog or over in the forum thread?





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