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Getting near the finish line...

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I've been busy since my last post with Henry's Cougar and I'm pretty much at a standstill on Chris' Cougar.. (that's another story...waiting for parts). So, I've had some time to get work done on my SVT and really concentrate on getting the car finished up and road ready.


It seems that Murphy's law is alive and well... Everything I look at or touch either looks rotted, weak or about to break. So, I've replaced all the power steering lines (including the cooler lines), master cylinder(leaking from backside), booster (rusted down front side due to brake fluid leak), calipers (damn bleeders broke off and I really didn't feel like drilling them out), rotors and pads. Also, I replaced the A/C Accumulator because the foam wrapping insulation was causing the metal underneath to rot away.. If you have a 2000 or under SVT or SE... Check it!


Anyway.... After spending waaaayyy more than I originally planned for this spring refresh - I can say that I can see the end coming shortly. Here's some progress shots ...







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