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the last two days

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Well the last two days have gone really well. I have finished up my front brake upgrade. I drove the car last night and everything is well. Now its time to get back under the car and double check that all the bolts, etc are tight. I also finished with my LC-1 install last night. The other night I was able to get everything wired up and running. The problem I ran into after reinstalling the y-pipe and test pipe was I couldn't get the sensor to screw into the bung. Two things appear to have happened. First the bung wasn't centered on the hole in the pipe. This caused the O2 sensor to not go in straight. Second the threads where just rusty and it was dificult to get it started. After filing the hole in the pipe open more I was finally able to thread the sensor in correctly. After this I went about remounting the intercooler and the ps cooler to the cooler. Overall the car ran nice last night. Now with the wideband the A/F guages doesn't just bounce back and forth any more. So that part of it is pretty cool. The LC-1 has programmable outputs. So the 0 to 5 volt output of the wideband sensor signal is scaled and output to the A/F guage.


So tonight the last of my parts will come in. So after getting the couplers I need for the larger maf and maf adaptor its onto the fuel system upgrades.

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