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day two



so yet again another long day getting the turbo installed and up and running.




The morning started off with getting all of the hot side piping and turbo installed. By early afternoon that was completed. I then went about getting all of the charge pipes installed. Alot of the couplers needed to be cut down to make everything line up correctly. All in all that wasn't that bad to do. I did however cut the one to the inlet of the turbo to short. This brings the maf enterence up to high so I wasn't able to install the intake pipe and air filter. On start up the car idles very nicely. After pulling it tends to want to die but alittle gas helps that. With the 3 psi spring the boost comes right up to 3psi and sits there, meaning that everything is working as it should. the bov isn't that loud but in the storage unit I can only go fast. I think it isn't that loud because of the low boost. The first time I was able to shift to second on the power an exhaust leak developed. With Rogers help we quickly determined its the first exhaust joint after the down pipe. So tomorrow I will have to go through all of the exhaust joints and make sure everything is tight. I will also be ordering a new coupler tomorrow so that I can install the intake correctly.




The boost comes on slightly before the secondaries open I believe. The power is seemless. Rolling into the pedal just makes power and the turbo spins up really fast. The exhaust leak make it sound so bad ass, but that will get fixed.




Pic from around noon time where I had all the hot side piping installed and tightened down.






after running the car the first time and hitting boost






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