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one problem



well I kinda broke it already ....



that exhaust leak is at the wastegate. I thought I had it tightened down enough but I was wrong. That first time I really got on it the gasket on the up-pipe side blew out. I tightened then down more today but what was done was done. I was over excited to drive it. So my hope is that I can just pull the two bolts and slide the old gasket out and slide a new one in. otherwise I have to pull everything back out. At least I can get to three of the four bolts fairly easily. So I think I can take the two bolts on the blown side out and then the third that I can get to and rotate the wastegate out of the way alittle.


have to see. the only down side is it is leaking metered air so its going alittle lean at idle. however under boost the A/F is good. I think that I will also take the chance to re-run the oil drain. right now it runs behind the header to the tap in the block. well its very close to the header, however it does have a 2k degree thermal sleeve over it to protect it from the header. I am thinking about putting the nipple right into the block and then running the oil drain in front of the header to the block. This way its away from the heat.


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