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back on track



well it took from 5 to about 8~8:30 but the wastegate exhaust leak has been corrected. To get the wastegate out I had to dissconnect the exhaust and remove the downpipe with the wastegate attached. Well to my frustration it wouldn't go back together that way. So back out it came and I also had to unbolt the turbo to get everything to line up. Again the allen wrenches with the ball end ftw, I was able to get to all four wastegate bolts with one. Now after hitting boost I can really hear the blow off valve. Down side was I still wasn't able to get the intake and airfilter installed. I did however get a new coupler to replace the one I cut to short. So hopefully tomorrow I will be able to get that installed. I also have to remount the power steering cooler to the bottom of the intercooler. After that I will be able to get the bumper re-installed and road test everything.


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