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98% complete



well tonight I was finally able to install the intake tube and air filter. I had to trim alittle bit more from the fender area to fit the tube but all worked out. After that I was going to mount up the power steering cooler but I found that the bolts I bought which I thought where the same where not. So I just left it how I had it. After that I drove around the storage area. There was no irratic idle as I had before. Some of of the drive way area had just been re-tared. I easily left 10 to 15 foot strips in a few places without trying. After that I went for a road test. The car performed really well. I just did the loop around the block a few times. The car pulled nicely and was well manored. I put the bumper on for a test fit and found the filter contacts the fog lamp. So I think i will cut the intake tube about an inch shorter to make it clear. It also looks like it maybe to far out to install the bumper so I might have to modify the fender openning some more to get the filter to tuck in more. Oh well just more to figure out tomorrow. But at least the kit is installed completely and works :D






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