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well I found out that the bolts for the waste gate came loose again. But I am not sure that is where the leak is from. All I know is that if I look straight up at all the pipe from under the car the exhaust is coming straight down. So I think I will be pulling the turbo and wastegate again tomorrow to re-seal everything. Car sounds pretty good, the exhaust was to quiet before the leak.


anyway ....
















Also so far eveything is fine with the waste gate. I check the bolts again yesterday before driving the car and they where still tight. So hopefully that is all set.


Since recently my optima redtop only seems to read 11.5 volts at the volt guage I ordered a new one. I don't know if killing it twice has anything to do with any of the low voltage that I see at time. But anyway I am going to pull the alternator and clean the contacts inside to see if that helps also.


Also the car seemed slower then it has been yesterday, but then again it was hotter also. Anyway its time to install the mbc also.


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Guest KAOS_2.5M


turbo piping looks wicked man, very clean.


I thought you dropped in a 3.0?

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turbo piping looks wicked man, very clean.


I thought you dropped in a 3.0?



I did put a 3L in, look back to march as I wrote about it then.

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