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Motherfudging Fire Ants



Yeh so behind my condo is a decent size pond (~3 acre) with a floating fountain thing in the middle. I can see fish every morning either baitfish or game fish.


So I go out with my undersized rig Shimano spinner, lightweight pole, 6lb. mono and a #3 foxtail Meps spinner. I have 3 casts and my ankles were on fire. My shoes and ankles were covered in fire ants and I now have ~30 bites, some multiple bites as bigh as a half-dollar.


I immediately took the vodka out of the freezer and wiped my legs with it. I heard before that Jack Daniels works right after so I gave it a shot. I was jumping around like a retard in pain/itchyness. So I call my wife and she has this natural clean&free stain remover and she told me to do that. So I soaked it in that crap for a while. Then I called my mom and she said a thick salty paste (salt and water) so I have been spreading that on my legs every 5 minutes.


This sucks. I feel slightly better, but I think it was the two double shots I took when I was cleaning them with the Vodka and the bottle of wine Im sucking on right now.


fudge YOU FIRE ANTS!!!!


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