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More MMA Betting Success



Last night was UFC 86, featuring Quinton "Rampage" Jackson defending his title against the winner of TUF season 1 Forrest Griffin.


I typically bet big on one fight, and bet small on 2 underdogs that have a good shot of winning.


Of 11 fights there are only usually 1 (sometimes none) that catch my eye both as a good matchup and good odds. This fight I will bet $50-100 depending on my confidence level.


There are also usually 2 fights that have good odds, and I usually just bet $10 or $20 on those fights, it makes the fight night a lot more fun.


For my first "fun" bet, I had $20 on Gleison Tibau, who faced Joe Stevenson. Tibau was obviously the better fighter, but got caught by one of Stevenson's nasty guillotine chokes and tapped late in the 1st round. Bummer.


My big money bet was up next, $85 to win $86. I had Patrick Cote, a slight underdog vs one of the best BJJ talents in all of MMA in Ricardo Almedia. This one went the distance, and I scored it round 1 for Almedia and Rounds 2 and 3 for Cote. The judges awarded Cote a 29-28, 28-29, 29-28 split decision. Whoever was the judge that scored 2 rounds for Almedia was definitly huffing paint before the fights.


My last bet, a "fun" bet, was the main event UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Quinton "Rampage" Jackson vs. challenger Forrest Griffin.


This was a 5 round fight as it was for a title, not the typical 3 rounds.


Its safe to say that after that fight, Forrest just went up in stature bigtime. He had a more rangy attack, almost chopped Quinton down with low leg kicks, and absolutely tooled Quinton on the ground in round 2.


Rounds 3,4,5 were not as exciting, mostly a kickboxing match. Forrest had the better game plan, and it worked out well for him. The judges scored it a unanimous decision for the new UFC LHW champ Forrest Griffin!


So I bet $105 and made ~$95.


Asside from my first attempt at betting and loosing my original $100 (I didnt even know how to bet properly and had no strategy), I have put in another $100, and now over the course of 3 more events, have won ~$100 on each event for a total of ~$430 in my bankroll.


A good night of fights, a good title match, and I won moneys!!!




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