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Driving the COP Hybrid



I've been able to put some miles on the COP Hybrid now. I've done some rigorous testing (save for drag racing) on the COP system and it's work phenomenal. With the retune the car is actually a bit quieter and sounds great. Throttle response and torque feel great! It's nice and smooth throughout the entire powerband.


Right now I'm testing the "Sweeping turns and oil press loss" myth. Call me the myth buster lol. So far I've taken on and off ramps from anywhere from 40-60 mps in 3rd gear (can't really do it 2nd mph limited to 55) and oil pressure stays the same. I even punch it coming out of the turn. I still have the 2.5L heads and SVT oil pan. Yep no "oil pan upgrade" here. As I do have the oil press sensor installed off the main gallery, I can read oil press. accurately. I guess what people don't understand is that :


1: Not much oil goes up to the heads. Only a certain amount of oil is needed for the cams and valvetrain. After all you can take the oil fill cap off while its running and not get a face full of oil right?


2: As Terry Haines has mentioned In His Con rod/bearing thread it has more to do with the rods than anything else.

See I had a rod bearing on its way out. I had the symptoms, flashing oil press light at idle, weak idle, etc. Last year I DROVE it all the way to Ohio to get it repaired and guess what, it still runs as strong as ever.


I guess what most people fail to see is that there is a Huge Oil drain passage at the timing chains that prevents oil from staying in the heads even if there was to be some clogged condition on the oil drains.


Well I'll keep everyone posted on it. I'll be enjoying it! :lol:

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