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Mowhawks are hard to cut (pics)



Here are a few pictures of Mace's mowhawk (Chuck Liddell style). I have been buzzing his hair for about two years, and a few months ago for shits and giggles I just buzzed the sides to make a mowhawk. Turned out pretty cool and he really liked it so every 10 days or so I would keep buzzing it down and getting it more symmetrical. So three months later its about 95% symmetrical and this is the second time I took the Mach 3 Turbo to the sides. He has blond hair and it really made a difference in the contrast. He loves it. Its pretty fun for me too. Lots of people give us complements on how cool he looks.


Clean Cut:




Fight Pose:




Mean Face:




Doing the Muay Thai dance he picked up from Wanderlei Silva in the PrideFC PS2 game




He keeps asking me when he gets to fight Wanderlei. Does not stop talking about fighting and wrestling. And numbers (dunno).

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