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Sell it or not?



I can't beleave that so many things are going wrong with my Contour! First of all, it is like having a child with a cold. It noise is running all the time all over my driveway. (stearing fluid) When it is cold, wet or too hot, when starting it, a loud grinding noise appears like it is screaming at me, taking a temper tamprum. I have bought a $120.00 part that no one seems to be able to install and everytime I bring it to my mechanic he shakes his head. WHAT DO I DO?






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First off, find another mechanic - Most have a built in aversion to these cars just by hearing the name of the car itself.


I work on 4-5 Contours a week... And have very happy customers. It's all in what it's worth to you - If you like the car keep it. If not, get rid of it.



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It has become diffacult keeping up. I love the car but I will not have a choice but to sell it. I hope the next person will be better taking care of the car then I. If I was brave to fix it myself, I would have done so much to it, almost like Pimp my ride except for the pimp part:)

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