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Suspension and brakes completed



SVT front brakes were done last week, I finished installing new rear pads today along with a final brake system flush. The pads are left over ThermoQuiets from the '99. The old pads on this car looked original, along with just about everything else on the car.


The BAT suspension needs some time to settle, but I think the car will have a nice stance. Some of the bushings and endlinks will need replacement before long, but they are OK for now.


I finally got the fuckin' front seat out. The front/back gears are stripped. The front two bolts are blocked by the track. They started to round off and I could not get a wrench on them. I was able to heat the bolts without setting the carpet on fire, luckily. I have some Midnight Blue SVT seats to replace them.


Have not reinstalled the driver's window regulator yet.


Started toying with the grill... gonna dig around the hot rod shop later this week and fab the shark teeth :D


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