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Temporary Victory?



Stupid window motor been giving me headaches. The car had a busted driver's window regulator when I bought it. So I bought a new one. It sat in the box in the trunk while the car sat waiting for me to begin working on it. I did fix the window before starting the 3L swap. I used the window... maybe 10 times at most, how often do you use a window in a car with a bad engine you don't drive? Once the engine swap was completed, I thought I was done correcting all the little issues in the car... then the damn BRAND NEW window regulator jams!!! WTH?! :blowup:


I took it out, completely disassembled the regulator, track, cables, etc looking for a bind... nothing, but a lot of nasty grease on my hands. I take the motor apart. Don't see any obvious problem. I cleaned it up, tried it. It worked twice and jammed again. Take it apart one more time, file the brushes, wire brush the stator, put it back together. This time, it's working... tried it 20 times up and down, no problems.


We'll see, fingers crossed.


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I had a starter like that with a bad spot on the comutator in my TR-4. Once in a while it would finish spinning on that bad spot, and when trying to start the next time... noda. Fine if I was on a slope, but on level ground I found I could rap it once or twice to shake it off the dead spot, and I was good to start. I hope cleaning it as you did corrects your problem since there's no "window hills" to catch it in gear.



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LOL. Had the exact same problem on my Morris for a time. My solution was the same as yours... park on an incline or if that wasn't possible, leave it in 1st and "bump" the car with force. Fortunately, a Morris (and a TR-4 I'm sure) weighs no more than 1800lbs.

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