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Update on 3L Hybrid



As I'm approaching winter time, it's getting time to put it away for the winter. So far the only issue I'm having is a dying Optima battery. I think there's a dead cell and I can't get a good charge from it. Next time I'll get an Optima Red top for better Cold Cranking amps. I don't really need a deep cycle battery anymore.


Other than that it runs great. The COP system starts up every time. Now that I put a couple thousand miles on it, I'm liking it. I seem to have more of a gurgley sound when I get off the throttle, probably from the COP and the retune. Overall everything is as smooth as silk.


I miss the 3L LIM though. I did like the improvement on the low end torque. However, I had to go back to the SVT LIM because the ported SVT heads were creating a vacuum leak. That totally sucks. I still made great numbers and still an improvement over my original tune. I'm 225whp/ 201tq. There's not much else to do to this thing besides a CAI or perhaps long tubes (if that ever happens), now I'm moving on to other plans...


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