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Driving to winter and back, endurance trek '08



Not sure how long my mother-in-law is going to be around, with cancer and all. Its not getting better that's for sure. So we are packing up the van with the kids and all sort of other crap and driving straight through from Naples to a small town about 1 hour west of Minneapolis.


28 HOURS BABY! It can be done. No stops for sleep. I'm sure Ill do the bulk of the driving, its ok. I like driving.


So we will leave Friday after my wife gets back from work and get there late Saturday/early Sunday just in time to watch the Vikings trounce the Falcons. Well be there for a week and do the Christmas thing there.


It was -12 in Cokato today, and 75 here. Im going to die. I don't even own a single pair of jeans. I have slacks for work and lots of shorts. Now I have to go clothes shopping on top of Xmas shopping :angry:


Ill remember to take my pills, probably smoke a j, and maybe hit the bar for a few quick drinks before I attempt this dangerous shopping endeavor.


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