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Upgrading the intake system on the Hybrid



Well I've been back and forth with Dom concerning the installation of a '96-'99 3L Intake system on the hybrid. We've discussed potential gains and losses. So far I should be able to expect a gain in torque throughout the entire rpm range, which would be a nice welcome. The potential downside is a loss in peak HP. We've also discussed honing the UIM for even further gains. With this he said that there might not be losses in horsepower.


Sor far that seems like a win/win situation. The downside is upgrading to that. It certainly won't be cheap to convert over to the 3L intake as I would like to install a CAI and I would also have to get a battery relocate kit because of the relocate. Let's not also forget about the retune cost.


I can recoupe my costs with the 2.5L SVT/ST200 parts I do have. Max Extrune honed ST200/SVT UIM (Got it from BAT a long time ago and had it Max honed), SVT LIM and Optimized SVT TB. If anyone is interested at some point in the spring let me know via PM.


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