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Midnight tacos



I've been recovering from food poisoning for the last 3 days. Last night I felt well enough to eat and had a craving for tacos. The nearest place is about an hour away, so what better excuse than to take a drive in the Craptour and do some data logging.


I had some new tunes to try out. Since there is some relevance to this blog post and a current topic on the forums, let me explain. I am using a "mail order" tune. My tuner is a buddy from the Taurus Car Club of America. He's very experienced in tuning Taurus Duratecs and V8 SHOs. When I started looking at tuning options, SCT had priced the Pro Racer Package out of my budget, there is no one nearby I could haul the car to for tuning (that I trust), and the only dyno tuner I trust is 400 miles away, not to mention the $400 tuning. So I asked Paul Nimz (SHOZ123) from the TCCA if he would be up to the challenge of tuning a 3L swapped older Contour. He agreed, and here we are....


So we've been working on the tune for several months now. When I have time, I install his latest tune, data log, and email him the results. When he has time, he interprets the data, makes corrections, and emails me the new tune. We aren't done yet.


Lately, the main issue has been WOT AFR. I am using 24# injectors with the stock 2.5L MAF. Originally, I was using a MAF matched to the injectors, but Paul wanted to try to the stock MAF instead. As far as I can tell, there hasn't been much, if any difference. The engine is running pig rich. At WOT AFR spikes around 10:1. My wideband stops at 10:1 AFR, so at times, it could be running even richer than the gauge can output.


Last night I had two tunes. One with SCT's 24# injector values, and another with stock Taurus Duratec injector values. The SCT values were noticeably richer. Cruising at 65mph AFR was around 12.5. With the Duratec values, AFR at cruise was better, around 15:1. But WOT is still pig rich.


So, back to waiting for some corrected tunes.... the tacos were good. My stomach is still grumbling today and I have no appetite.


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