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F#$% mail order tunes in the @$$ with a rusty saw blade



Sorry, venting.....




I knew better. I thought my buddy would be up to the challenge and would like to help me out... and he has. It's not his fault this car cannot be tuned correctly. If anything, it's SCT's fault. The PCM code in my '97 is EXE1. Apparently SCT never decoded EXE1, but they did decode EXE2 and 3. The fuel table for WOT is not accessible. The only feedback we get from SCT when asking for help is the sound of crickets chirping. I contacted another buddy that has been tuning with SCT since the beginning. He admits that SCT has really gone downhill over the last 3 years. Their products are more cheaply built, and their customer service is horrible. He continues to use SCT because of the diesel tuning capability, but he also says that if something else comes along, he'll jump ship.


SCT looked over the data we've collected so far and prepared a tune for me. Their tune was worse than anything Paul has done so far. I'm on tune #14 several months after getting the car running and the car still runs like crap at WOT. :blowup:


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I contacted my buddy Jim that tuned the '99 3L. He looked at what Paul and I have acquired so far and sent out a new tune. At first it seemed like it was just like SCT's, but actually I think it's more on track. WOT AFR is now around 11:1 and I can actually rev the engine to 7000 without a stumble.

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