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SCT finally helping?



The latest tune is still rich. Several dealers have looked at my logs, offered help, but none have been successful. Paul, my main tuner from the beginning is about ready to throw in the towel. He offered to refund 1/2 my money for the XCal 3. I accepted his offer, but he is still trying to get SCT to provide support.


From his latest email: "After giving SCT an ass chewing on their dealer forum they suddenly have decided to start working on the EXE* processor."


As far as drivability goes... the throttle response sucks. It's like driving a throttle-by-wire car with a sluggish stepper motor. IMRC engagement is abrupt with a sharp power increase. I gotz teh V-TAK yo!!! Cruising is fine. Gas mileage isn't horrible. By comparison, the '99 3L which was tuned on a dyno, has a very snappy throttle which makes clutch engagement and low speed 1st gear driving quite tricky. It takes practice and a soft touch on the throttle. Both cars are geared the same. The '97 bogs between gear changes when the engine is cold.


For anyone considering a Pro Racer Package from SCT for DIY tuning, or mail order tuning on an usual swap (like a 3L in a pre-'98), forget about it. The support from SCT is worthless. If you have an '09 Mustang or diesel truck, then fine, but they don't give a rat's ass about a 12 year old dead model like the Contour. Paul has done an excellent job doing what he can as a small niche tuner/dealer. He mainly tunes V8 SHOs and OBDII Tauruses for owner/enthusiasts. When I owned my '98 SHO, Paul was consistent with providing updates to his tunes as he gained experience. It ran great the first time and every tune had improvements.


Back to waiting on SCT.....


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