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Update on nothing



Since the tornado, I had the Craptour parked at my girlfriend's house under a carport. As is typical of Summer in Texas, it has not rained since. When my girlfriend's lease ended last month, I brought the Craptour home. Unfortunately, I don't have anywhere else to park it but in the side yard. And guess what.... that very night, it rains. I really don't care. It's rained a couple times since. There was some standing water in the spare tire well, but whatever. It's the Craptour!


The branch bent the lower edge of the window frame. I need to straighten this out before I can have new glass installed.


SCT completely turned their back to me. No help at all. My former tuner... well... I believe he did his best, but without support from SCT, he gave up. I have one more option, my buddy Jim in Oklahoma City. He tuned my '99 3L and believes he can tune the Hello-Kitty car. We shall see....


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