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97, 98, 99



I shuffled the cars around while I was mowing and found them lined up in front of the house.






The '98 is now rolling on 15's. Excuse the dirt, we regularly travel country back roads. My sister is now using the car.





The '97 is sitting on the '98's wheels. The '98 needed brakes and tires before it could be driven. I robbed the parts from the '97. My Craptour is slated for execution. The damage from the tree branch which busted out the rear glass and the dead end with tuning have caused me to decide to scrap the car. The final stroke came from a friend in Houston that offered me a 2002 Cougar with a blown engine. I'll swap as many parts as possible from the Craptour into the Cougar. Pics of the Cougar after I pick it up. I'm told it's black, with black leather interior, sunroof, cracked front bumper and headlight, and damage from a failed catalytic converter.





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Craptour hood/grill for sale?


yeah, some stuff will get posted for sale as it won't fit the Cougar... all the front lamps are new, etc. Hood and grill can go to anyone that wants to ship or pick them up.

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