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Shop update 10/11/09

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It's been a while since I've posted an update... Been by myself mostly at the shop as my apprentice has a new job overnights that now prevents him from putting time in at the shop. So... a full shop and all by myself.. Awesome!


Moving on... I've turned over 6 cars in the past 2 weeks (mostly minor repairs - i.e. airbags, suspension and such) and have been making steady progress on the 3L builds that are starting to wrap up. One of those is Mike's Contour. His engine/trans are all ready - Aside from a little wiring work on the injection harness the engine is ready to drop in. I'm only waiting on 2 parts for the car (right axle assy and rear engine mount) however those will not slow me down as I don't need them right away to keep moving. Winter is coming soon, and all these jobs need to be complete (even the one sitting outside waiting to come in). Hence, I'm starting to work double time at the shop to get things moving. The adage " there's never enough time in one day" is right. This will be short and sweet, I'll have alot more "meat and potatoes" in the next update.


Iphone101009 008.JPG



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