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Hello Cooter!



The Cougar is now named Cooter... Hello Cooter to be exact. If you are unfamiliar with the term "cooter", the Urban Dictionary defines it as "the holiest of holies, the place all men aspire to be" and simply "vagina." In other words.... pussy aka kitty. Kinda dirty, but that's how this mind works.



Torrie McPhail of FastPartsNetwork.com provided an initial tune based on the specs I provided him. No data logs, just a list of specs. Within a couple days, I received a new file for the X-Cal 3 I had purchased for the now deceased '97 Craptour. It downloaded onto the '02 PCM without trouble. Immediately, the car is running great. AFR is right where it needs to be.... between 14-16 while cruising, and no less than 12.5 at 7000rpm with WOT. I have only put about 40 miles on the car since the new tune. Only codes so far are for the eliminated downstream O2 sensors. After a tank or two of gas, I'll data log and ask Torrie for a tweaked tune to correct for the eliminated sensors.


Very happy indeed. My suggestion to anyone looking for a mail order tune (because you don't have easy access to a dyno tuner) is to contact Torrie!!!! Torrie has helped me in the past to source hard to find parts for Contours and V8 SHOs, and has always provided excellent service. This time, he exceeded my expectations.


These pics are not current, a few weeks old. The car has since received it's first bath and SVT center caps.








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