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Cooter becomes a daily driver



After passing some documents through the title and registration office at my local courthouse, and sneaking through a state safety inspection, Hello Cooter is finally 100% legal and road worthy.


Interior is all together. Stereo is complete. Rear strut tower brace installed. Refilled the A/C with refrigerant. Swapped BAT hi-flow pipe for stock '97 V6 y-pipe and cat. The exhaust sounds so much better. It's quieter all around, but with a little more interior drone at idle. I'm satified for now. Installed '99-00 headlights by modifying the '99 style parking lamp socket base with a dremel to allow the '02 harness plug to fit. I think the blacked out housings complement the black car.


Terry's rod shift works great. I haven't missed a shift yet. They are always positive and direct with smooth engagement. The ride on BAT struts and springs (Euro kit) is very nice. Smooth on the highway, taut on bumpy city streets, and sporty around corners. Never uncomfortable, but sometimes a little too much rebound from the front if the road is humped.





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