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SORC update



Two weeks until I leave for Nebraska here is a quick update.

The car is back together except for the headers, they look great but I'm not sure we are going to have time to coat them. I may just put a coat of paint on them. Now I wish I went with stainless steel. They will be done by the weekend which will leave next week for break-in and dyno. Here is a picture of the front tubes.blogentry-11219-028242800 1280370997_thumb.jpg

I've had a few people ask about my front spoiler so here are a few pictures of it. All I did was mount a 1" alum strip around the front valance and then attach a flat piece with dzus fasteners. blogentry-11219-015345800 1280372125_thumb.jpgblogentry-11219-046512900 1280372147_thumb.jpgblogentry-11219-057069200 1280372245_thumb.jpgVery simple but it works great. It needed redone because some of the pictures taken at speed I noticed it appeared to be folding back a bit., and it lives a hard life. Now it is much stronger and has fresh paint. Nebraska has grass hoppers the size of birds so it may only last one race.

Next update will be dyno numbers!!!?????






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Looking forward to the dyno Rob.


Looks like tomorrow morning we will run it on the dyno. Today the heat index was 115 so we decided to wait until morning. Everything is ready, exhaust sounds wicked, and it fit perfectly. I hope it runs as good as it sounds. Thursday it gets final alignment check and a good cleaning this weekend. CJ you can still come navigate!! I may even let you take a few laps at MPH.


Not sure on the collectors, the guy who built them selected them. If I drove the car more SS may have made sense but steel cost enough (I do have a budget), but your right stainless would have been cool.


Talk to you tomorrow,


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Well a few problems at the dyno, but not with the car it ran great. I don't know much about Dyno's but the O2 senser was having issues and it kept spiking. Things just were not going well and it was extremely hot. The only run that looked close was 239 hp which is down 7 from the last run but my torque numbers were up almost 15 ft lb which is great. So before Bonneville we will spend some time tuning. But it's running good and it's off to Nebraska.



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I didn't even have them print it out, not sure it even would print. I do have the last runs and I will post them tonight. They are having someone come look at it next week so I will wait until it is working properly. They usually do a great job but their main tuner went to work for ProCharger so they are in a little of a transition.

I will post it tonight.



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