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Pulled the first wheel



I had a couple hours of daylight left today so I pulled a wheel to start checking brakes, suspension, and steering. The outside of the rotor was slightly grooved. I ran a sanding disc over it to clear off the years of rust, and the ridges went away mostly. The pads are good. The subframe bushings are not looking real good, but don't need replacing yet. The upper and lower A arm bushings are in the same condition. The uncle had taken pretty nice care. The steering joints are fit, so Hottie doesn't have parts on this corner. There's rust on the inside of the wheel well. Needs closer inspection and deff need some areas fixed/covered. The wheel rim is alloy, and pretty much nasty looking with dark blotches and peeled clear. I tried a little elbow grease, and went right to the sand blaster. My little spot blaster could do it, but I'll carry each rim to a friend's blaster box. Once blasted to clean smooth alloy, I may just clear it, or I may use a fine brush first. The dust shield behind the rim will be cleaned and painted. The test blast and spray clear looks good enough. I'll spray the center cap with a metal silver paint. They aren't resin, just a Mercedes star embossed. I left that corner on blocks and put the tools away for tonight.


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