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Fronts all checked out good, rears' a different story



The one short test drive I made in the car indicated dragging brakes. Understandable since it sat so long. I expected it was the parking brakes. The rim blasting exercise included inspection. The driver side pad wear showed only one (these are two opposing piston type calipers) pad was wearing. This means one of the pistons is stuck in its bore. These days I don't rebuild... I replace. The rotors aren't scored, but they are pitted from rust. There's certanly enough there to function, so I'll let the inspection guy make that call.... save Hottie a little money maybe. Parking brake shoes good and linkage free, So I replaced the bad caliper and put new pads on both wheels.

I'd also blasted the rear rims this week, but hadn't clear sprayed em till today. Too chilly and hungry to finish today.

Have noted that in two weeks since starting, the battery is too discharged now. It has a battery drain history.


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