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Horrible test ride



That ride was pitiful. Started right up, got to bottom of the drive, and the

trans wouldn't go.... the engine lost power, sputtering. I rocked it as best as

I could back up the drive a bit, but it couldn't climb it. After wondering how

I'd gt it back to its parking spot, the engine smoothed out a bit. I decided to

see if I could launch it up the road. Very poorly, I got up to the intersection

on the other side of the ajoining empty lot. rolled it backwards and got it

turned around back down hill. Afraid it would conk before getting out onto the

road and up the drive.... I was able to back it far enough to take a downhill

assisted try at going through the empty lot. Musta looked mighty hillbilly

jumping the low hill up onto that empty lot :). Put it back in its spot, and

checked/added trans fluid. Again it started nice, so with the tranny engaging

now, I hopped up to the gas station for some high test. 2.5 gallon, and back

onto the road home... 1/4 mile. It did fine accelerating, then back to sputter.

I dove into that same side road, and drove around the developement a little.

Spells of smooth and severe miss, so up over the vacant lot I went. Got it into

its spot.


So, it's got an issue with trans fluid. The linkage is hosed up... have to pull

it past drive, then push forward to drive to engage. Very prone to missfire,

prolly dampness draining spark somewhere in the dizzy area. Speedo doesn't

work, on and on..... Body rust bad enough in a few places to need real pro

repair and panel replacement.


I'm advising Hottie later when I go down to her place that it's NOT going to be

a practical daily driver for her. Poor thing.... she's going to be heartbroken.

None of the things I fixed were really due to sitting so long, and coupled with

the history the old uncle's receipts tell, this is one of those "bad" cars. I'm

calling her, "Christine" from this point on. Only a very dedicated,

mechanic/owner will ever get much more out of this ole Benz. Guess I'll have to

have Hottie over to drive for herself and accept the sad truth. I will say the

motor appears to be worth salvaging, as well as wheels and glass. These motors

do last pretty well, but are not very powerful... like 160 horse from an

overhead cam Aluminum V8.


I will try to resell the weatherstrip kit I bought once Hottie is all cried out.

I think she needs another Sube or a Passat.


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