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Running Again



I have the car running again now on the factory calibration and it drives quite well for a full 3L. Idle is nice but still needs some throttle on start up. No leaks from the oil filter bypass. The system required about 7 quarts which is not a surprise considering the size of the bypass filter and the length of the lines. I made a new fuse box tray that goes over top so that the feed tube I made clears. It turned out quite nice. It has no bend greater than 45*, requires no MAF screen, and draws cool air from under the fender through a proper bell mouthed entry. At operating temp (short drives through the neighborhood) the tube is luke warm at the MAF and cold to the touch at the bend into the fender. It will be getting tuned sometime in the spring most likely.


I'll post more/better pics up later but for now here's the basic arrangement:


Picture 001.jpg

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