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Balance issues still exist... However I have an idea.



So, another round of RoadForce balancing and having the wheels mounted to a fixture and checked with a dial indicator. All check out good and within specs.


But it occured to me that I've been overlooking one thing. Most of my balance issues started when I added the BAER kit. I'm assuming it's possible my 13" rotors are out of balance. It's not unreasonable to imagine this - And I'm going to take this one step further. Apparently on a 9700GPS Hunter balancer you can actually check balance on a rotor. I'm going to take my rotors and have them checked - It's the last possibility I can think of.


I guess I'll report back if I get some positive results.




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I'm thinking calling Baer and asking them why chinese import rotors are better than their $200 a piece rotors...lol. We'll see when I get the results back later this week, the car is out of my possession at the body shop getting a few little issues squared away and then I'll get the wheels and brakes apart to get them looked at.

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