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Balance issue resolved... New rotors are installed.



Now who would've thought that the rotors could cause a vibration at 65 that felt like the wheel weights fell off? I do, cause that's what happened to me..lol.


New rotors came on Tuesday and installed that night. I test drove the car on the highway yesterday (weather permitting) and it drove smooth as glass on the highway - Something I've been missing for over 2 years.



All done now, time to move on...lol.



photo (1).JPGphoto.JPG





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ok man, maybe this has been my issue all along.........I have a 99 SE v6.......I have replaced front wheel bearings, tie rods, tires, re balanced, re alighned, new brake pads, and rotors.......the only thing that I have not replaced up front is the calipers and ball joints, but that is because I don't think that they look bad at all. I have this same vibration that you are talking about at 65......Do you think that my issue is with these Duralast rotors??






Doug R

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I was having this issue after hitting a deer 2 years ago. I had my wheels ballanced and still had a much reduced but still there problem. I replace all 4 tires last week and it seems that one of the tires must have slipped a belt and was out of round. The new tires go 90 without any jiggle. Now I need to look at the speedo to see how fast I'm Going.

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