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Focus Levelling Jack Points

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Since the Contour is back up and running reliably it's time to get back to bigger and better things.


I revised the way I'm going to do this (yet again) and will not be using a modular but instead dedicated fixture jig for the car (more expedient). The chassis will be supported at four points on levelling jacks. Once I have the roll cage in the chassis will be more than stiff enough so I can cut up the floor, etc... and then roll in the powertrain sub-assembly on a different jig/cart that can be secured to the vehicle after alignment.


Anyway, I started making and installing the levelling jack points. These are bent 16 ga steel with two 12 x 1.75 metric nuts welded to the back side. The jack points attach to the frame/body structure and can still be used when the car is finished should the powertrain need to be removed.



Focus Jack Points 0011.jpg

Front (left)/ Rear (right):

Focus Jack Points 0021.jpg

Front welded in:

Focus Jack Points 0041.jpg

Rear welded in:

Focus Jack Points 0051.jpg

Jacks bolted in (passenger side):

Focus Jack Points 0031.jpg

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