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2011 Car Show Season....



I've been pretty blessed so far with my car and how many people really like it. It's one thing to mod a Contour, I've seen it done thousands of times. However, individual tastes are always hard to satisfy and I'm welcomed by the amount of people Non-Contour and Non-Ford that have commented on how nice and cool my car is. Peer support is always refreshing and uplifting... Even when you know your car looks good.. It's always nice to know that others think the same way. :yahoo:


The Mid Ohio SVTOA meet was one I couldn't miss this year. I attended last years meet at Quaker Steak and Lube in Columbus and won first, but honestly there was only us there and no other car enthusiasts present. This years event was held at the Mid Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington, OH. There was all sorts of clubs meeting there (i.e. Mazda, Chevrolet, BMW, Ford..etc...), and it was nice people were browsing through the other corrals to check out other cars. This is where I received some great comments about my car. I know hard work pays... But beauty is in the eye of the beholder. One man's cool is another's man's eww...lol.


First place in my class - TBH there was only 3 SVT Contour's there. And really no one to match mine. So I guess I expected I would win on principle, but it's not something I walk in expecting that I would get so much positive feedback.


Here's a few of pics from yesterday's show. I posted the best pics of the day (it was overcast but cleared up late in the day).





And a quick spec sheet I made to allow people to read about what has been done to my car without explaining it over and over again...lol.








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