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Lemon law encourages Fisker to buy Karma back



Fisker Automotive has been dealt another PR blow, as a wily lawyer has used a lemon suit to force the business to buy a Karma sedan back from a customer. Lemon laws are among the many consumer protection laws, which force car makers to buy a vehicle back if they've made a dud. Figure out how to purchase brand new car that does not have lemon law problems.


When life hands Fisker lemon laws


If you add beer to lemonade, you can get a shandy on top of the lemonade you made with your lemons.


A “lemon” car is one that is not working properly though, typically because the manufacturer did something wrong while selling it. It is not legal to sell a vehicle that does not really work to a consumer. This is where “lemon laws” come in play in most states requiring car manufacturers to purchase the car back.




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Fisker Automotive, the beleaguered company behind the super-stylish and moreover pricey Karma plug-in hybrid sedan, has just been hit with its first lemon suit, according to AutoBlog, buying a constantly broken Karma back from the owner.


Fixed too often


Create sure you look up your state laws for lemon laws because it changes dependent upon the state. To be able to get the automaker to actually purchase the automobile back, you may have to hire a lawyer and sue. Occasionally, it takes a lot of proof before they will do anything.




AutoBlog reports that the Fisker Karma in question was in the shop for a total of 120 days for seven different services on the car. The male in Wisconsin only owned the car since Dec. and has had to deal with a ton of difficulties in the seven months he owned the car, according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.




The Fisker Karma is a very expensive car, which you will find out on any auto loan calculator. That is why it makes sense that the man would want to get it bought back under lemon laws. Wisconsin’s law states that a vehicle has to be with an owner for over 30 days before lemon laws can be brought up. The man employed the most prominent lemon law lawyer in the nation, Vince Megna.


Flame issue


Fisker will be paying $103,550 to buy back the car.


Megna filmed a video at the car dealership where he asked if the Karma was even secure to drive since it is known for bursting into flames at several places.




Nissan agreed to buy two Nissan Motors Leaf electric vehicles back from owners recently since the batteries are dying in excessive heat. That means that Karma is not the only electric car dealing with a lemon right now, according to KPHO Phoenix.


A video for you to see









Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel


KPHO Phoenix


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