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  2. Very nice condition and worth every penny!! Mine with with my 1995 'Tour to PDXSVT.
  3. Sunroof issues addressed? Drive gear made from Delrin. It is a viable solution, an engineering thermoplastic.
  4. mondeoman

    Contour SVT

    Eyes wide open. Local owners not willing to sell, just yet.
  5. Well I do know of one stateside Zetec that has bent valves. Word is that these ARE INTERFERENCE if rpms are sufficiently high enough when the timing belt breaks or the idler pulley cracks.
  6. mondeoman


    Glad to hear from you Ferret!!! My 'Tour is now owned by a fellow member here, PDXSVT. I purchased a very nice 2007 Focus ST (2.3 Duratec). Loads of fun but not as nice as my 'Tour was. Working to rectify that, starting with suspension (springs, struts, bigger sway bars, poly bushings, etc). Wish I had kept my 'Tour SVT.
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  8. Thank you for your quick answer. Acording to Sonnax they are not interchangeable. Actually Sonnax applies a different stategy when remanufacturing RF3 and RF7 which makes them not intechangeable. Pieloux
  9. I don't have enough information to answer that question properly, however it appears the valve bodies are matched to the production date of the transmission itself. The RF3 and RF7 are the valve body casting revisions. And it looks like (RF3) 1995-1997, (RF7) 1998-2000 is how they break down. I don't know if you can swap them as I've never attempted it before. -Dominic
  10. Well, cutting wires will get you into trouble. By the sound of your issues, it sounds like you blew a fuse or two. Check F34 (7.5A) in the inside fuse box and possibly fuse 25. It sounds like you took some circuits out when you were cutting or working there. They make adapter harnesses that are super cheap and prevent you from cutting wires. For someone so picky, I find it interesting you would go out of your way to cut the wires instead of just plugging in a harness adapter to wire your new radio to. Almost every parts store carries them because Ford was pretty standardized back then.
  11. Just a question : Are main valve bodies RF3 and RF7 interchangeable ? My car being a 1995 model, I would assume that the valve body is a F3. Thks for your assistance. Pieloux
  12. Do you have any idea how to get it installed? Seems very tricky to get in there.
  13. Any tips for installing this input tube on a ‘99 LX with the 2.0? Looks like it’s gonna be tricky to fit in in. Any advice is appreciated!
  14. Hey everyone. Name is Steve Collins. I own a 1998.5 contour svt. I recently got the car and absolutely love it. Owned a new one in 1998. Anyway I installed an aftermarket radio and now my remote for power door locks will not work nor my factory alarm. Any help would be awesome. Oh when installing I unplugged factory wires from original radio and cut them. Then just connected wires on stereo to those wires. Now those two things don't work. Oh and interior floorboard lights stopped working also. I really hope someone out there knows how to repair because I'm really picky about my car. Thanks in advanced. Steve
  15. VSS removal and installation (1995 V6 with CD4E & no speedometer cable). Has this topic already been discussed ? Pieloux
  16. Thank you. Due to the age of the vehicle, I am going to replace it. Once it is done I will run the car, see how the transmission reacts and perform a KOEO. Pieloux
  17. Generally a shorted VSS can cause the 452. I would start with the easy code before diving into the 628. Inspect the VSS harness for frayed or bare wires (common) and repair/replace as necessary. -Dominic
  18. Yesterday I did a KOEO test with my Innova code reader. No self test codes (except 111) but the following codes were displayed in the continuous memory : 452 (VSS signal fault) and 628 (converter clutch slippage). To be sure, I erased the codes, went for a drive and did the test again. The same DTC were displayed. I also noticed that shifting was very harsh and noisy espacially from P to N and N to D. Could the faulty VSS be the reason for code 628 ? Could it be a problem with the solenoids pack or the valve body ? Thank you for your feedback Pieloux 1995 Contour SE (V6 & ATX)
  19. You're welcome. Happy to help. -Dominic
  20. I do believe that is what I'm looking for, BuckeyeSVT. Thank you, so much. Found it on fordpartsgiant.com for $15.
  21. I believe that is referred to as an "Inlet Tube" and has the original part# of F8RZ-8290-AA. -Dominic
  22. 98 Mystique, goes from bottom radiator hose along frame, up behind engine to rubber hose that goes in heater core. Discontinued by Ford, but I would like to have the original part number.
  23. Parked pre-covid, Needs alternator but will start and drive. 2,350. PM for further details if interested.
  24. Hello, 2000 Contour SVT.
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