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  3. Honestly timing belts on Contour 2.0L engines don't last more than 120,000 miles. During the process of the timing belt replacement there are certain elements (Camshafts) that need to be locked in place and the crankshaft needs to be set on a specific point. The VCT hub and sprocket requires loosening so the timing belt can be properly installed. Once the belt is installed and the tensioner set correctly - The VCT hub sprocket then gets tightened onto the camshaft locking in the adjustment. If this step is skipped, more often than not the timing will be off. The PCM monitors the crankshaft and camshaft positions and can tell when they are out of sync. This leads to VCT Advanced error codes. Sitting around won't affect the timing, so it could sit for 2 years and that won't cause the issues you are having. The only other thing I have found in the past is if the engine hasn't been maintained properly sludge can build up in the oil passages (can be seen through the oil fill cap). If you see sludge, chances are it will affect the VCT Solenoid operation and timing. Long story short - More than likely the timing belt has been replaced by someone who didn't follow the service manual instructions. This can lead to the Check Engine light on, and in some severe cases the engine running poorly. I've seen a lot of poor running engines from improper timing belt changes. Depending on your own skill, you may purchase a manual and check it yourself. Otherwise it will need to go to someone who understands and can check it for you. -Dominic
  4. I have a 1999 ford contour 2.0 lx with 157,000 miles I purchased the car for $500 and I noticed the check engine light was on so I had it looked at and it came up as “VCT Solenoid Timing Advanced” but the car runs fine idles fine and gets real good gas mileage I was looking at the intensive labor for it and I don’t think it would be worth it I went to a mechanic whom i trust and he said it could possibly needing a new timing belt but how does a bad timing belt affect the VCT solenoid and I don’t think the timing belt had ever been changed on the car at least that I know of btw the car had been setting around for 7-8 months before I purchased it
  5. Well, that's certainly a strange one. The door locks will cycle and you should see the lever inside go flat when it's unlocked. If the door doesn't open when the interior lock lever goes flat with the door handle it may be that the door is stuck - Or the latch is faulty. But both doors seems a little strange. Has this vehicle been sitting for a long while? Like years? Because the door seals may just be stuck to the door frames preventing the doors from opening. -Dominic
  6. The key turn in the lock and I can hear the actuator when I turn the key. Also, I can see the interior light come on. However, the doors will not open. I have used the key in both the driver and passenger door.
  7. Does the key turn in the lock cylinder? Are you using a remote or a tool to actuate the door locks? -Dominic
  8. Hi. I'm new to this forum. I recently inherited a 1996 Contour GL. The doors on the car are locked and will not unlock using the key. I can hear the actuator working but none of the doors unlock. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.
  9. Unfortunately the 2003 Escape cams won't work well. They are meant for an oval port intake and also are a different tooth pattern on the chain end which isn't compatible with your current chains or bottom crankshaft sprocket. -Dominic
  10. Hello, I am retaking this, O2 sensors were replaced, related codes aren't showing check engine is off and milleage improved a bit. I hadn't moved much the car since now it is my "sunday car", I took it to the service to do the smog test and they reviewed (no repair done since they had a lot of work at the moment) but they diagnosed it as a bad camshaft in cilynder 4; Since it has low compression but stable in the rest of the cylinders I suspect that the guy who rebuilt it didn't used the proper pistons, do any of you have a photo, part number or link about how the pistons should look like? On the other hand, I can have access to all camshafts from a 2003 3.0 Escape, so instead of repairing the camshaft I could replace them with those ones; Is this considered as a proper upgrade or is it advisable to keep the 2.5 ones even from other donor car? Thank you
  11. So, code 21 is for the RH front airbag sensor. It's in the right side kick panel next to the PCM. The code states the sensor is not bolted to it's bracket. DTC 21: SAFING SENSOR NOT MOUNTED TO VEHICLE PROPERLY 21-1 CHECK FOR DIAGNOSTIC TROUBLE CODE Turn ignition switch to RUN. Count diagnostic trouble code. Is Code 21 flashing? Yes No GO to 21-2 . READ the normal operation description for this diagnostic trouble code. DO NOT proceed with Pinpoint Test until the code is flashing! Failure to do so will result in needless replacement of the air bag system components and repeat service. 21-2 MEASURE RESISTANCE BETWEEN PIN C234-3 AND PIN C234-16 Turn ignition switch to OFF. Deactivate system (leave battery cables disconnected). Disconnect air bag diagnostic monitor. Measure resistance between Pin C234 , Circuit 91 (BK/R, ground and Pin C234 , Circuit 9 (BR/GN). Is resistance greater than two ohms? Yes No GO to 21-3 . REPLACE air bag diagnostic monitor. RECONNECT system. VERIFY system. REACTIVATE system. 21-3 MEASURE RESISTANCE IN CIRCUIT 9 (BR/GN) Disconnect RH kick panel safing sensor. Measure resistance of Circuit 9 (BR/GN) in the RH kick panel safing sensor connector to RH kick panel safing sensor sheet metal case ground. The sheet metal case ground must be bare and clean. Is resistance greater than two ohms? Yes No GO to 21-4 . LOCATE and SERVICE open in Circuit 9 (BR/GN). RECONNECT system. VERIFY system. REACTIVATE system. 21-4 MEASURE RESISTANCE TO GROUND Remove RH kick panel safing sensor and bracket from vehicle. Thoroughly clean the RH kick panel safing sensor mounting surface. Remount RH kick panel safing sensor and bracket. Measure resistance of Circuit 9 (BR/GN) in the RH kick panel safing sensor connector to RH kick panel safing sensor sheet metal case ground. Is resistance greater than two ohms? Yes No REPLACE RH kick panel safing sensor and bracket. RECONNECT system. VERIFY system. REACTIVATE system. RECONNECT system. VERIFY system. REACTIVATE system. Hope this helps. -Dominic
  12. Hello, I got the airbag module, it showed the code 21, mostly indicating a bad connection, the manual says how to diagnose it, but before making more, had any of you dealed with this code before?
  13. need a picture or what wires go into and out of this please... thanks for your help
  14. need to know were the main harness goes to the fuses 1.2.3 or the main power supply. engine cooling. abs breaking sytem/cooling fan to the fuse block and the wires on the other side of the fuse block a diagram would be nice
  15. Hello,I have a '99 contour SE V6 and the low coolant indicator light stays on even though the coolant level is full.I have changed the sensor that is located in the recovery bottle and light stays on regardless.Appreciate any suggestions to remedy this issue. thanks James.
  16. I would like to boy when ur ready!!!
  17. Parts are hard to find even here in the states. Just comes with the territory of a 22 year old car. to FCO! -Dominic
  18. I bought my Contour 3 months ago and I have quickly learned that finding parts its hard. Even thinking about installing fog lamps is hard but ill push through.
  19. Defunct on the sunroofgears, negative on the other company Guess I'll have to do more research :( venom:::
  20. Well I'm very late to this GIG. I have put on hold my 2000 contour svt dash project for years... I originally felt that ford would do a piss poor job in correcting the "Banzi Curve" so I didn't proceed with that... The car has been put away since 2013. Has anyone thought of removing the windshield to allow access to the dash and trying to flatten the dash them screwing it to the inside structure.. Future thanks for any info VENOM
  21. I'm still driving my 97 Sport and I have question. Is it a manufacturing defect that the exhaust manifolds develop cracks? Also, Where can I find a reliable replacement?
  22. It's that time of season, snow or shine - It's Holiday season! Hope everyone has a great one from FCO!
  23. I don't own a contour but as you can see I have a 1998 zetec equipped Escort wagon. I have seen a number of places where swapping out the 98 injectors for later injectors gives a boost in power and economy. I currently have Denso injectors that are the round EV1 looking type, but it appears the later zetec used the bosch EV6 type with the same connectors. I also suspect my current injectors are a single hole, where the later ones are 4 hole which should give better atomization. Are the injectors the same spray pattern on early ( silver top) and later (black top) zetecs? This swap could make a nice simple upgrade. I also may need to go to a higher capacity injector. The stocks are about 19 lbs per hour at 80%, which means they may top out at 100% at about 150HP. I my be getting close to that with some of the bolt ons I am doing. I have a friend with similiar bolt ons, but is using the ZX2 SR ECM so he may really need more fuel. Alot of people have been using the orange or yellow top injectors off the crown vic or mustang, but I don't know if these are the proper spray pattern. I especially want to get better economy, but the performance boost would be nice too. My 1993 wagon I was able to get nearly 50MPG on the highway going a steady 62 mph with the stock 1.9 auto and some good aero and intake upgrades. I currently only get about 29 to 30. Bolt ons include 25% underdrive pulley, Pacesetter shorty headers into stock cat, iceman intake, cut intake box with 3 inch cold air inlet, 2 1/4 inch exhaust, intake system insulated. Any insight would be appreciated.
  24. Have a great Turkey day! Try not to burn anything down while cooking the bird... -Dominic
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