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  2. Bad PATS system is rarely a thing... When you first turn the key on, the PATS light on the clock should come on solid - And then go out. If it doesn't come on or flashes rapidly you have a PATS or electrical issue. -Dominic
  3. Good evening all, new member here, Recently purchased a 98’ SVT contour with a 3.0L swap. The car will not crank. I verified the starter works, I checked the starter wiring, I even checked the starter relay. No noise, no crank. I also noticed that a lot of the electronics on the car don’t work, I don’t know if it’s tied to the no start issue. Any ideas? I’m starting to suspect a bad “PATS” system
  4. Hey folks. I'm no contour enthusiast but my '96 is a nightmare and I need help with it. Glad to have this forum as a resource and always thankful for help. Stay tuned.
  5. Ferret II


    Always so nice to hear from you, Mondeoman!! And so glad you're still here in the forum. When I'm searching topics so often I come across your posts and find them especially thorough and helpful, often including not just key info but part #s. Glad your beloved 'Tour's w. PDX. Your Focus sounds great, but - who knows?! - perhaps there's another 'Tour SVT in your future, too! Still some nice low mileage ones out there, it appears, and others that would benefit from your care and expertise.
  6. Do you have parts for sale 

  7. I would try posting in the Northwest Section and there may be a member willing to take the car off of your hands. I realize a disintegrating wire harness is a tough thing to get around, but it's not terminal. They can be fixed. -Dominic
  8. AddIing to my question I live in Seattle WA. is there anyone here that I can give the car to? I just got a brand new battery. My car is the SE addition a royal blue color. Should I just have it towed to the junkyard?
  9. Hi,I have never been on a site like this. I need your advice.We bought a 1995 Contour SEwhen it was brand new. it is a very sporty car. I only put 90,000 mile on it. Unfortunatly I just found out that the wiring harness is disinagrating and it will need to be replaced. I can't even find a shop that will attempt to repair that old of a car. I also know it would be expensive. My mechanic says it needs to be retired. Do you think people that love old Contours would want to buy this car for a few hundred dollars for its parts?
  10. Any locksmith can made a duplicate key, call them to get a new duplicate key.
  11. I replaced mine with LED. Never going to touch that sucker again in my lifetime...lol.
  12. You can use a PC37 N light bulb but you have to make it fit. Take off the white plastic part of the clock assembly. Use a Dremel tool with a very small grinder and grind out the steel part of the light bulb socket in the circuit board just enough to accept the larger locking tabs of the new bulb.
  13. Very nice condition and worth every penny!! Mine with with my 1995 'Tour to PDXSVT.
  14. Sunroof issues addressed? Drive gear made from Delrin. It is a viable solution, an engineering thermoplastic.
  15. mondeoman

    Contour SVT

    Eyes wide open. Local owners not willing to sell, just yet.
  16. Well I do know of one stateside Zetec that has bent valves. Word is that these ARE INTERFERENCE if rpms are sufficiently high enough when the timing belt breaks or the idler pulley cracks.
  17. mondeoman


    Glad to hear from you Ferret!!! My 'Tour is now owned by a fellow member here, PDXSVT. I purchased a very nice 2007 Focus ST (2.3 Duratec). Loads of fun but not as nice as my 'Tour was. Working to rectify that, starting with suspension (springs, struts, bigger sway bars, poly bushings, etc). Wish I had kept my 'Tour SVT.
  18. Thank you for your quick answer. Acording to Sonnax they are not interchangeable. Actually Sonnax applies a different stategy when remanufacturing RF3 and RF7 which makes them not intechangeable. Pieloux
  19. I don't have enough information to answer that question properly, however it appears the valve bodies are matched to the production date of the transmission itself. The RF3 and RF7 are the valve body casting revisions. And it looks like (RF3) 1995-1997, (RF7) 1998-2000 is how they break down. I don't know if you can swap them as I've never attempted it before. -Dominic
  20. Well, cutting wires will get you into trouble. By the sound of your issues, it sounds like you blew a fuse or two. Check F34 (7.5A) in the inside fuse box and possibly fuse 25. It sounds like you took some circuits out when you were cutting or working there. They make adapter harnesses that are super cheap and prevent you from cutting wires. For someone so picky, I find it interesting you would go out of your way to cut the wires instead of just plugging in a harness adapter to wire your new radio to. Almost every parts store carries them because Ford was pretty standardized back then.
  21. Just a question : Are main valve bodies RF3 and RF7 interchangeable ? My car being a 1995 model, I would assume that the valve body is a F3. Thks for your assistance. Pieloux
  22. Do you have any idea how to get it installed? Seems very tricky to get in there.
  23. Any tips for installing this input tube on a ‘99 LX with the 2.0? Looks like it’s gonna be tricky to fit in in. Any advice is appreciated!
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