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  2. I know that with everything going on politically and with the Corona virus everyone is preoccupied with all that - But make sure you take a little time to enjoy the holiday and hopefully family! Stay safe, and healthy! -Dominic
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  4. I have a 2000 with the 2.0 sometimes she runs fine but sometimes it almost feels like its slipping i think I have it narrowed down to the tr sensor the vss or a shifting solenoid how would i be able to tell which one is bad

  5. Unfortunately with that type of issue, someone hands on is going to need to take a look at it. If it's been overheating (referenced by your removing the overflow reservoir cap) then low compression will cause the starting issues stemming from overheating and causing the head gasket to fail. Normally even with a blown gasket the engine can eventually be started, but performance will be poor and it will consume coolant internally as a result. -Dominic
  6. Well I am having an issue with the car trying to start when I go to start up the car it sounds like it wants to but doesn’t right away sometimes it takes a couple try’s and if on the third one it doesn’t start up I open up the antifreeze overflow resivor and then it still sounds like it wants to start and I hole the key in starting position and eventually I get it running and I don’t know what is causing this problem can you please help me out
  7. Then check places that normally can cause issues (door seals, door drains at bottom of door). Both can cause water leak issues. Or, just grab a garden hose and have someone spray it hard while you are inside looking for leaks. -Dominic
  8. I don't think they were ever popular enough to be made into quick struts. And also because the top mount on the front is pretty different from many other cars it probably makes it more difficult to mass produce unless a very high request was there - And I doubt they would sell very many these days. Removing the strut and using a good quality spring compressor and dismantle the strut assembly. That's the way I did it for years.
  9. I have a 1999 Ford contour 2.0 LX and I need to replace both front struts on my car but I can’t seem to find quick struts anywhere my question is do you have to rebuild the whole front struts or can you buy the whole assembly
  10. And my favorite overlooked item that can cause that symptom is the Impact switch in the side foot well. If activated (or if someone kicks it, the car will shut off and not start. Kicker is the fuel pump will not work and won't work even if replaced. I saw one before that the wires has gotten wet and rotted off of the bottom of the switch. I would check that as well as it can also cause those symptoms as well. -Dominic
  11. You said you changed the fuel filter and the fuel pump..... was that because the car quit running? when you now turn on the key do you hear the FP spin up? As Dom was saying the timing belt could be the real issue, How many miles on the car? If it is over 60k Id start looking at the timing belt. there is an upper inspection cover that you can remove to inspect it. Regards, AF
  12. Being that it's a 4 cylinder, are you sure it just ran out of gas? A broken timing belt can mimic the same issues and will kill the engine. Does it crank normally but not start? If it's backfiring that normally doesn't point to the fuel system but a quick check would be to see if you have gas coming to the engine by removing the fuel line (with a special tool you can purchase cheaply at the parts store) and finding out if you have fuel flow. Did you just put a pump in it or the whole module? -Dominic
  13. Hi Trevor, these issues can be very frustrating for sure. First please tell me the car info; year, trim level, stick or auto, engine, miles, and anything else about the cars history. Regards, AF
  14. Ran it out of gas then replaced fuel pump and filter, it has Spark and it wouldn't even stay running with starting fluid (I had to try) only backfires once... Did I did the engine? What can I do? Car has auto start, but I've never been able to get it to start when it ran. Please help!
  15. The issue could be that the preloading on the VCT wasn't done correctly, or the cams weren't locked into place. Only way I know to correct is take it apart and redo. Was the cam sensor replaced? Was the wiring and connector checked? Regards AF
  16. (car is a 1999 ford contour 2.0L auto with 143k miles) to anyone who has experience with the 2.0l zetec, and either has had this problem before or may know a solution plz reply. so I have 3 codes, 2 codes are pretty serious: P1383 cam timing over retarded & P0340 camshaft position sensor malfunction. had the timing redone as well as what ever comes in the kit. car ran good besides running alittle rough the day I picked it up, fast forward a few days and its back to running terribly, it ticks some, disappears when driving. car starts up immediately, and when driving besides the lack of power and slight hiccups at higher speeds it drives fine. im just stumped, there seems to be no solution in sight. started leaking gas the day I took it to the independent mechanic place, cracked fuel pump. 3rd code was P0453 DTV Evap emissions control system pressure sensor high output.
  17. So I went too remove the thermostat housing and there is one 40mm bolt remove that pulled on the pcv valve hose and the value came out
  18. No sunroof no windshield that I know of
  19. Any sunroof? Windshield recently replaced? Water leaks can come from multiple areas but still look like they are coming from a different source.
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    Don't disturb the crickets
  21. As the title says I have a leak occurring around the bottom of my passenger side door on my 99 Ford contour and I have tried 100% silicone underneath the lower weatherstripping on the door with no Results and it causes the carpet to get wet and I’ve already replaced the cabin filter so I know that’s not leaking from there when you open the door after a rainstorm you can actually see water sitting on top of the weatherstripping on the inside
  22. Just bought a 98 Ford Contour-4dr,2.0, automatic. We've put new fuel pump in, changed crank shaft sensor, plugs and wires and had to work on some of the wiring due to previous owner having cut bunch wires. Drives great for most of the day, but around 4 or 5 in evening, on way home usually, she'll start jerking and feels like not going into passing gear. Couple times wouldn't go into 4th/drive. Could it be throttle position sensor or maybe transmission filter? Fluid is good and level and no leaks or smells at all. We're at a loss. The temp gauge wasn't working, so changed sender and now stays almost to red and when does go up if turn on heat it goes back down. Doing this though loses power and makes her go into her jerking fits. Pls help with any insight to our possessed car
  23. Easier? Maybe. Messier? Definitely...
  24. Ok thx buckeye is it easier to remove the thermostat housing and go that way
  25. Normally it can be reached without removing the complete manifold. I've been able to reach it behind the manifold without removing it. It's a bugger, but it can be done. Most times once the manifold has been removed it may not seal correctly. A new gasket will be required once removed as it crushes on installation. In certain cases, the manifold has warped enough that once it's removed it will never seat back the same way. The only remedy there would be to either have a machine shop flat plane the manifold face which would allow it to seal or replace it entirely. -Dom
  26. I have 1999 ford contour 2.0 lx and I was reading best way to replace the pcv valve is to remove the exhaust manifold if so is true that the exhaust manifold will not seal right even with an oem gasket also what else should done whole I have access to that part of the motor
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