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  3. I have been doing a little shopping around and it looks like is going to be $4000-4500 to rebuild the motor. I haven’t priced getting my wiring harness Refurbished.
  4. Upgrades? Honestly aside from a metal impeller water pump - There aren't many worthwhile upgrades for these engines.
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  6. Yes I noticed that a lot of the 3.0l are high mileage. But I was thinking of rebuilding the engine. If I rebuild the engine what upgrades do you think I need to do?
  7. Honestly that's up to you. Unfortunately most of the 3.0L's are high in mileage anymore so a used engine is probably out of the question when it comes to 3.0L's. Depending on your area, you may be able to find a lower mile SVT engine (I found a 63K used 2.5L SVT (VIN G) engine in MN for $850). So the choice is yours to make, you can also go re-manufactured - But beware the cost will be substantial for the engine but everything will be refreshed and have a warranty on it.
  8. Hello everyone, I bought my svt about a month ago, just too find out that my engine is locked up. So I was wondering is better to replace the 2.5, rebuild it or swap a 3.0l in it? I just want to know which is the best option?
  9. Rudy

    Contour SVT

    Looking for a Contour SVT. Please message me if you know of any or have one.
  10. Any difference in '99 is likely whether the later uses the lower idler next to the crankshaft or not, the extra one in kit disappears. The kits are called A and B and the difference is that if Gates parts. Even the earlier one can drop that idler and simply not use it, it tends to fall apart anyway since close to a lot of heat down there. The belt simply retimes different for the idler missing. I use the extra idler to remove the bearing out of it to use on other things like serp belt idlers The earlier engine runs from '95-'97 so it's not that; they are a different setup as far as the tensioner goes, and idlers are different too. I use Gates parts on several cars and zero issues if you install correctly. One thing to check on zetec head is whether the tensioner bolt hole is deep enough, some don't get tapped deep enough and then the bolt can be slightly loose at fully tight. Then most blame the tensioner for being bad when it comes loose. The only new part I've had come apart way early is a Ford branded idler.
  11. I own of a 1999 Contour SVT as well as a parts car for it which is a 1998 SVT, Both Silver. The 99 is a low mileage car that has some minor front end damage I will be fixing with parts from the 98. I'm a long time mechanic and own a good portion of the Ford Contour specific Rotunda/OTC service tools. I always liked the idea behind the Contour Concept and following in that line I owned several Ford Probes and still have a 1987 Merkur XR4Ti. My other vehicles and interest are: 1999 Jeep Wrangler TJ lifted and some custom made parts 1965 Mustang Fastback 1989 Land Cruiser FJ62 1953 Chevy 210 Sedan 1971 Triumph TR6 1988 Mercury Cougar XR7
  12. Tnx. all ,now what about swirl flaps,should they be repaired or removed. It has 121000 miles
  13. Hi all, and sorry (yup, Canadian), but I don't see any rules about posting items for sale. I have a '99 Contour in good running order, plus parts (doors, hood, trunk lid -- yeah, no, we don't say "boot" -- a moon roof and an instrument panel) from my previous SVT (we've had 4 Contours in all). Just wondering if OK and where I'd post pix and details on these items -- unfortunately, it is time to sell.
  14. BuckeyeSVT


    You don't create an album to upload an image to a post. You insert it into a post using the attach feature at the bottom of the post.
  15. I will be working on the back end of the site and also updating the forum software to 4.4.1 from 4.3.6 we are on now. This will result in a little downtime here and there. I will try to work on this later tonight so the site is not down during peak visiting time. Thanks, -Dominic
  16. The valve covers are different. Just look at a known early one 95-98 and compare to yours. If the same it is early, if not it is VVT. AF
  17. The difference has to do with variable valve timing in the later Zetec. AF
  18. I only see a cutoff on the production date of 3/29/99. Before 3/29/99 is one style, From 3/29/99- is another style. You can call any Ford dealer service dept. and give them the VIN and they will give you the exact build date if you don't have it for reference. Since you are a 4/99 build you are in the after club on the cutoff date. -Dominic
  19. Hello everyone glad to be on this form i’m a new owner of a 1999 Ford contour SVT it was a dream car that I always wanted unfortunately is not running at the moment but I’m trying to solve the problem.
  20. What is the difference between the timing belt on the before and after 4/99 engines ,my engine is dated 4 /99 so it`s right on the cusp. ,vin does read 3 for the engine but I have read all different info. on the timing belt, some read 3/99 others read 5/99 as the cutoff for timing belt difference who is right?
  21. Stay away from the Gates kits, never had anything but issues especially with the included idlers and tensioners that come with the full kit.
  22. Hello, I like a Continental Contitech kit, but I don't know of a kit that includes a water pump. Be sure to check out info on replacement procedures and using the proper tools will make it go much better. Terry Haines posted a lot of info about this. Regards, AF
  23. What is the best timing belt kit with water pump that can be had? 1999 contour 2.0
  24. When the car is off, yes. It's a theft deterrent. -Dominic
  25. JCPDX

    Pats system

    So I'm still kinda new to cars with security, never paid much attention to them.. But short question... Pats light on dash blinks every 3 seconds... Normal?
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