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  1. BuckeyeSVT

    Noob Intro

    Welcome to FCO! Sorry to hear about your loss, changing the timing belt can be challenging for a novice but not impossible. I've dealt with plenty that had shredded belts and never had one have an internal issue from it. -Dominic
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  2. 00Cowboy

    Tribute to Terry

    Good Day, All. I want to give a shout out to everyone who helps keep this forum alive. God bless Terry for building this legacy. I had a issue last weekend that this site helped me cure and avoid a $1,500 transmission rebuild. I found this post in the Knowledge Base and it felt like the OP was riding in my car. The transmission position sensor died and it felt like my car was going to puke its guts all over I-15/84. It would freewheel and overspeed and then slam into gear. I pulled over and checked the fluid and it was as red as new fluid and not burned at all. Came home and read this
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