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  1. I have done a group buy for a sunroof modification twice now on CEG successfully and want to let you guys on here have it available to you too. This mod allows you to open the sunroof with one click and close it that way too. The sunroof switch also lights up as well. You can find more info here... http://www.contour.org/ceg-vb/showthread.php?53882-Group-Buy-Automatic-open-close-sunroof-w-lighted-switch-round-2&highlight= If you have any questions email me at mr.productions@gmail.com
  2. How long / how many posts does it take in order for me to be able to post in the classifieds?
  3. is there a group buy section on this forum? i have a group buy going on CEG and wanted to bring it over here for anyone that may not be/check CEG
  4. This is a group buy for an automatic sunroof modification and a lighted switch. This will make your sunroof open and close by the push of one button and the switch will also light up like the door locks etc. There will be step by step instructions and the install is very simple you can do it on your own very easily. The kit is assembled properly with heat shrink and it is color coded ready to go. Here are the options: 1) Lighted switch, auto open AND auto close = $39 plus shipping 2) auto open AND auto close = $29 plus shipping The prices are adjusted appropriately depending on
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