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  1. still downtime the world is stupid. to buy a trans from a wrecker already pulled has such a huge variance,, $75 up to $1100.. plus shipping.. lol hardly. so pull it myself is really my only option. kinda a practice round.. plus I guess I need to pull an extra tower... to send to terry to get the keyed mod. the only question is will it be worthwhile to have the car operate without a modded tower for the time it takes to get it back.. waiting to move into my new house and garage
  2. local JY visit sounds good.. too bad you've got the shitty shifter because you've likely got the better differential and possibly the better shift forks. never mind the skirts and stuff.. this is the car that made me love the CDW27 platform - not the SVT although really now its all about the SVT.. off topic anyhow I'm not sure if terry had implied to replace with a rod shift style shift assy or to convert to cable shift. but cable shifting feels better. I would consider the conversion to cables. you will want to get the shift tower / cables/ inner shifter assembly and send the shift tow
  3. anyhow I found a picture of a mystique that had the bumpers.. I found it on facebook. 25:n6574955...011_6907.j pg] now this one is a contour with the mystique reflectors and tailights its also a wicked racer 1 of 3 I've read somewhere here so anyhow it all works. and it looks sexy
  4. If anybody has one done pictures would be great.. I know that there is a race car that has the rear deflector from a mystique and looks like a mystique with the rear kit on.. and its an awesome car.. the only reason I would want the SVT front is for a MIRKO lip if you can't get a SVT kit get some SE skirts and the front lip from a 95-97 mystique. its a halfway compromise but yeah anybody have one done post the pics.. the mystique hood grill lights are way better looking IMO that the contour
  5. so i'm in 4th gear.. I have to remove the trans to get it out of gear then take the tower off.. isn't it easier to just replace the trans if I'm taking it out?.. fords are stupid. this should be a warranty fix. all because of a bolt / pin.. retarded design. my car is barely worth the cost of repair. I need this to work out cheap. so how bad is it if I break the damn thing out and wreck the cage? no more parts available.. junkyards. I think I can get a whole trans for $70 if I tear it out myself.
  6. that is so sweet. don't take any BS about this... its perfect.
  7. so this is gonna happen to me right?.... stuck in 4th gear. I need your help.. I need to remove my shift tower.. and fix whichever issue it is.. and yes. I'd rather pay somebody who knows whats up which is not something I can say about any local shops.. nobody local seems to know anything
  8. flicker at higher RPM.. yes... not been an issue otherwise but yeah.. mine does that at like 6000+ but since my car has so much wheel hop in first I've had things like my stereo fly out of the dash. I kinda thought it was just my abuse so what should I rebuild my alternator or just rewire as much as I can? - I better get my shift tower fixed 1st.
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