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    Hello, Contour / Mystique

    I'll look into the approvals, but I haven't gotten any in a while. Welcome to the site! -Dominic
  2. BuckeyeSVT

    shifter bezel on full center console

    Unfortunately a parts yard (Pull-A-Part) or similar will be your best bet. Most parts have been obsoleted by Ford almost 10 years ago on that model. -Dominic
  3. BuckeyeSVT


    to FCO! -Dom
  4. BuckeyeSVT

    No spark need help.

    Crank sensor wiring can fall apart way up the harness in places you wouldn't normally look. I normally replace the wiring from the connectors on the valve cover all the way to the sensor. Without a scan tool or an oscilloscope you won't be able to see what the sensors are doing aside from the wiring connections. Are you sure the 3 connectors at the valve cover are tight? They have a habit of breaking the locks and the connectors will vibrate apart causing the stalling you describe. Make sure you use two hands and press them very firmly together (sometimes the rubber seal inside will roll causing the connector to bind. It feels all the way together - But in reality it's not. -Dom
  5. BuckeyeSVT

    How to Rebuild an Engine like an Idiot

    That definitely sounds like you had an adventure! Welcome to the site!
  6. BuckeyeSVT

    Facebook Login

    Hello Members, I have worked with Facebook and reset the Facebook OAUTH link between FB and FCO. This means you can login to your account through FB, or open a new account through FB. Thanks for your patience! -Dom
  7. BuckeyeSVT

    New to the group

  8. BuckeyeSVT


    Thanks Aussie, I appreciate it! Even though my days are busier than when I started this site, I still make time to look in on it almost daily. -Dom
  9. BuckeyeSVT


    to FCO! Your welcome for the information and I'm popping in more often if you have a question that needs answered. -Dom
  10. BuckeyeSVT

    Engine compression

    TSB 98-25-14Mismatched timing marks -Dom
  11. BuckeyeSVT

    V6 stalling under load

    That's great to hear!
  12. BuckeyeSVT

    Engine compression

    It'll require pulling the intake manifold and both valve covers to check properly. Bring the crankshaft around to TDC (mark on pulley lines up with line on front cover). Then check both sets of camshafts to see where the marks are. I can help you once you get to that point. -Dom
  13. BuckeyeSVT

    Timing chain cover removal

    Start with: Upper Intake Manifold. Both Valve Covers Alternator and bracket Power Steering pump Harmonic Balancer (Crank Pulley) Oil pan bolts into front cover (4 I believe) Be extra careful disconnecting the crank position sensor and camshaft position sensor connectors and wiring. They are fragile and the wire insulation may come off and that will cause you problems down the road. -Dom
  14. BuckeyeSVT

    Engine compression

    I would make sure engine timing (timing chains) is correct since it's been apart before for the head gasket replacement. The early model 2.5L's had false flags on the cams that people would line up and the engine would run poorly and could have poor compression as the valve timing would be out of sync from the crank timing. -Dom
  15. BuckeyeSVT

    V6 stalling under load

    Well, P1744 is the torque converter lockup circuit. Could be wiring, could be a solenoid in the transmission. I'm sure the shop will test the circuit and see if it's properly working. -Dominic
  16. BuckeyeSVT

    V6 stalling under load

    Is the CEL still on with the P0193 code? If so, they are overlooking something. -Dom
  17. BuckeyeSVT

    V6 stalling under load

    That's good to hear. Sounds like you still need to have that FRP sensor looked at though. -Dom
  18. BuckeyeSVT

    Engine compression

    While we're on the subject, the early 2.5L's had some issues with carbon tracking the plugs. This led to them stuttering and running poorly cold or hot. You said it runs fine when hot, but gets poor mileage? Intake gaskets leak, fuel pressure regulators fail... It could be a lot of things causing those issues. -Dominic
  19. BuckeyeSVT

    V6 stalling under load

    High input normally refers to electrical voltage received from the sensor to the PCM, not fuel pressure. Plus, if you had high fuel pressure you wouldn't have lean codes. Everything would be the exact opposite. -Dom
  20. BuckeyeSVT

    V6 stalling under load

    Well, lets look at the codes. P0193 is the Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor stating high input. This normally occurs from a wiring short, or the sensor itself has failed. P0171 & P0174 are system lean codes for both banks. If your FRP sensor is malfunctioning I would suggest repairing that first before getting into the lean codes as they can relate to eachother. Without a proper scan tool, you won't be able to see what pressure the FRP sensor is telling the computer the fuel rail is at. The sensor is around $60 last time I checked, but I don't advocate throwing parts at it. Do you have anyone with a professional scan tool that can look at the data from the sensor? I don't like spending other people's money -Dom
  21. BuckeyeSVT

    New Pics 062109 003.JPG

  22. BuckeyeSVT

    Wire Harness

    Most of the connectors don't fail, but the wires definitely fall apart (insulation wise). I would ohm check from the ABS unit to the sensor in question to see if 1. You have a short, or 2. you have an open. If it's a bad wire, you should be able to chase it down. -Dom
  23. BuckeyeSVT

    Engine compression

    Normally all cylinders are supposed to be within 10% of eachother. Sounds like you have a burned valve or internal issue. Most cylinders should be 120+ PSI.
  24. BuckeyeSVT

    Mosh / Woogieman 3.0 COP '95 SE

    Sorry to dredge up an old thread, but that sounds awfully like a vacuum leak. -Dom
  25. BuckeyeSVT

    ABS false pump actuation

    I'm never one to advocate removing safety features from cars no matter how much of a tangled mess they make diagnosing. ABS has it's positives and it's negatives. But for the most part, it's worth it. -Dom

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