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  1. No prob, I'll have them installed next week and I'll show design pics of the brackets needed and what materials are needed to make them. The seats fit me perfectly - And I can't wait till I get them in to show how they look inside. Doc
  2. Anyone else?? And JMoose, what forum do you feel you would like to moderate? Thanks, Doc
  3. Chris, Go here for recalls - Recalls for 1998 Model Year It is possible that your Contour has no OPEN recalls (none that are outstanding to be performed) and that explains why it said you had none. As for the belt tensioner, most AutoZone's and Advance Auto parts stores carry a belt tensioner tool that will make life alot easier removing the belt. You insert the tool and rotate the tensioner counter-clockwise from the belt. Doc
  4. Chris, I got mine for alot cheaper because the company I work for carries the R1 line. Be VERY careful, R1 makes different seat lines.... These are the EVO seats. The standard R1 seats are shiz, the cloth is very thin, the seats are not padded well (Half the padding of the EVO's) and they have little pleather wear patches that wear out in 3 months. The EVO seats are all cloth around the outside and a viynl/leather surface down the center (except around the harness pull throughs) that's cloth. Look at the pic looking down at the seat, the actual headrest is over 3.5" thick when
  5. Hello Ianx12, Welcome to the forums. Doc
  6. Like a splitter - Mirko sells them. Doc
  7. Mirko Racing has the front lip (chin spoiler). Headlights?? Umm... Unless you want them cracked and painted there is no one offering custom headlights yet. Doc
  8. I've been throwing around the idea of racing seats for a while. And after some real twisty corners and going through PA and WV and not being able to stay in my seat (I'm not that big of a boy) I've decided it's time for seats that actually fit me. I'm tired of sliding around on the leather, which I'm sure happens to most of us especially when we autocross. Even a simple on-ramp sucks because the bolsters in our seats are too low. So, to fix that situation I have bought new racing seats for my SVT. I went with all black so I wouldn't have problems matching the exterior down the road and
  9. Contour98, Moderators are individuals (or groups of individuals) whose job it is to look after the running of the forums from day to day. They have the power to edit or delete posts and lock, unlock, move, delete and split topics in the forum they moderate. Generally moderators are there to prevent people going off-topic or posting abusive or offensive material. Doc
  10. If anyone recieves an email from: lkinley@contour.org with the heading: If(pchealth.Database.HasWritePermissions Please delete it immediately, do not open the email. I've been recieving a steady stream of garbage lately but none was more entertaining than that. Just a word of advice, Doc
  11. Yes, since it seems that alot of people have either sold their cars (or gotten real lives) many of my administrative staff have gone away. I'm looking for moderators. Someone to moderate each forum - Preferably 2 per forum. Also entertaining the thought of a co-admin spot, someone to help me with my routine and keep the place going ;) Post here, or email with confidence at Cardoc@FordContour.Org Thanks, Doc
  12. What am I going to do with you two? Doc
  13. I haven't throttled the server or the forums yet. They are running wide open right now so I can see exactly how much bandwidth is being used. You two going on a posting rampage didn't even faze the server in the least bit. :) Doc
  14. Ok pics!!! Well - I'm so tired right now that I really don't want to get into big explanations, but the pictures speak for themselves :) So I'll post the pics and let me know if you have any q's. 3.0 Complete with all the trimmings :) Custom built intake tube The Remote IAC Valve Like I said - Big pics and alot to talk about. Don't ask why Richie and I have a big smile on our faces... It must have something to do with 2nd and mostly 3rd gear.. ;) Doc
  15. Electronics are great when they work together, but the EEC-V being adaptive and the S-AFC not, It's a waste of $350.00. The way we are going to counteract most of the problems that have occured on most 3.0L's are in this fashion. #1. We are running the blue (24lb) injectors and 24lb calibrated MAF. That should take care of any lean mixture problems. #2. The spark plugs are going are going to be changed to a colder plug- Because of elevated cylinder temps from the higher compression. We also opted to use the 3.0L EGR, yes - I know - If you use the intake you will use the EGR, but in IMO
  16. OK, I bring pics :) lol Since I know alot of people are dying to see. First pic, the interior - HA! You were expecting the engine right? Well, this is a total project, not just the engine so yes - We have reinstalled the dash and all the wiring (Ohh my back is killing me now though!!) Ok, moving onto what you really came here for!! Pics of the engine. As Matt had stated earlier, the 3.0L was officially "born" or burned fuel at 10:40 P.M. 3/23. The small crowd of people and also those on cell phones talking to others in anticipation of this monster taking it's first breath were
  17. Alright - Lots being done this last weekend - Most was the reinstallation of the engine, wiring and other goodies. Unfortunately the engine did not burn fuel this weekend because the final stage of painting will be completed this week and the engine is set to burn fuel on Saturday (this coming weekend). A couple of side notes: #1. Use the 2.5L Knock sensor - If you don't the harness will not interface and lock in. Just re-use the factory sensor. #2. Using the 2.5L Sandwich adapter oil cooler is no problem with the 3.0L block - The only modification that I had to make was to the f
  18. Ok - Moving right along :) Getting our 3.0L assembled and ready to install we found a few more things that we had to modify, answered a few of our own questions and also learned a few things along the way. Well, the body is painted - The frame has been finished and we are now in the process of re-assembling the interior. I've been working on the final details of reassembling the engine, getting all the bits and pieces together. I have a ton of pics that are a little self explanatory :) Gotta love pics! We have a ton of em! This pic is of the back of the block - The alternator brack
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