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  1. BuckeyeSVT
    I recently looked around on YouTube and Facebook and found 2 dyno videos of my car I hadn't previously seen. One was by Nick (Ov3n) on NECO taken at CougarFest last year and my tuner Smokey's Dyno.
    Enjoy both below.
  2. BuckeyeSVT
    Now who would've thought that the rotors could cause a vibration at 65 that felt like the wheel weights fell off? I do, cause that's what happened to me..lol.
    New rotors came on Tuesday and installed that night. I test drove the car on the highway yesterday (weather permitting) and it drove smooth as glass on the highway - Something I've been missing for over 2 years.
    All done now, time to move on...lol.

  3. BuckeyeSVT
    The rotors. I wouldn't have counted on it, but after checking them for balance - It sure is. 3.0oz out on one rotor and 1.5oz out on the other. This is a manufacturing issue, there is no way aside from removing material from one part of the rotor (or adding material) where it could make up that much difference.
    I'm speaking to Rick @ Baer customer service about this issue, I hope to have a decently amicable solution out of this. I'll post a result when I get it.

  4. BuckeyeSVT
    So, another round of RoadForce balancing and having the wheels mounted to a fixture and checked with a dial indicator. All check out good and within specs.
    But it occured to me that I've been overlooking one thing. Most of my balance issues started when I added the BAER kit. I'm assuming it's possible my 13" rotors are out of balance. It's not unreasonable to imagine this - And I'm going to take this one step further. Apparently on a 9700GPS Hunter balancer you can actually check balance on a rotor. I'm going to take my rotors and have them checked - It's the last possibility I can think of.
    I guess I'll report back if I get some positive results.
  5. BuckeyeSVT
    Since I have the engine out for another couple of days, I've been looking hard at the newer Cougars and there alternator setup. It's simpler than our setup and easibly changeable without removing the axle shaft to get the alternator out.
    Think about it, a quick change alternator!...lol. Anyway, found an alternator used for $35... and I had a spare late model Cougar bracket laying around so I decided to pull the trigger on the swap.
    Here's a quick pic of the alternator and it's mounting...

    The wiring is different, you don't use the small grey single wire anymore and the regulator is now internal instead of external... So the connector is changed. I'm sure it's an easy swap...
  6. BuckeyeSVT
    I doubt I need to say more. I was contracted to install a complete Ford Racing 550HP supercharger kit and other goodies. The install went fairly smooth (97 pages of install directions which weren't exactly complete from Whipple caused some issues). However, it turned out nicer than I would've ever thought - And boy did that Mustang fly!
    I'll post the video of the dyno, dyno graph and a small gallery of shots. Enjoy!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fudBqGg2ArI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HoFgcJUYQU
  7. BuckeyeSVT
    I've had a transmission leak that has been screwing up my clutch over the last year. So, out with the engine and trans (again).
    Here's a couple of pretty pictures of my engine sitting on the shop floor waiting for the trans to be re-attached.


  8. BuckeyeSVT
    Waiting for the tuner, now I'm just more or less storing the two cars for the time being.
    I've had members asking for pics of the Cougar and the setup used for a 3L install. I thought I covered this a while back, however this car is done a little differently than the last as it has a CAI and battery relocate.
    Enjoy the pics.... I've included both motors with normal setup and more extreme setup.
  9. BuckeyeSVT
    So, I decided to quiet down my SVT as it was quite abnoxious....
    I came across a new muffler from Walker, the Dynomax UltroFlow-X which is a muffler that acts like an X-pipe and quells noise. So... $250 later (installed) here is what I have to show for it :
    Yeah, I'm seeing all kinds of shades of red right now - Not to mention they must've had a 5 year old welding the pipes because you can see the exhaust expelling water out of the joints (that are supposed to be welded!!!).
    Ugghh... Warning - Stay away from these mufflers!
    ***Keep in mind this video is shot with my iPhone and not a regular video cam - The exhaust does not sound gnarled like this in real life, but the rattle does..lol. Damn microphone on the iPhone is overpowered by the exhaust and makes it sound horrible!***
  10. BuckeyeSVT
    Normally when I go to events and such I never get pictures of myself or my car. I'm used to it, I'm the behind the scenes guy getting everyone else their 2 minutes of fame. Now I'm not camera shy... but wow.. I was in alot of pics and didn't even realize it till I went through them all. Here's a short compilation of my pics of either me or my car at Cougarfest this year. Enjoy, I had a blast the whole time there.
  11. BuckeyeSVT
    So yesterday I figured it was as good day as any to install my headers I've had laying around for a while. Since I was going to repair my A/C (previous owner installed a Four Seasons Compressor that was leaking around the case) I decided while there I would kill 2 birds with one stone.
    I posted about the headers previously on the forums. They are Mazda 6 / Atenza Headers for the European/Japanese market. The primaries are 1 3/4" vs the MSDS 1 5/8" and have a neater more compact installation. I can't believe how much room there is in the front of the motor with these headers on - I can literally get my hands up there and tighten the bolts with a ratchet (can't do that with the MSDS or the factory manifolds. Front installation was a little tricky - The Mazda 6 units use bolts and smaller studs which are almost 7/16" versus our little M8x1.0 studs. I had to make some centering rings to line up the manifold and remove a couple of the studs and replace with bolts due to the studs hitting the primary pipes. Other than that - Pretty straightforward. I did have to modify my EGR tube (the routing is slightly different but I actually like the way it routes better than stock). I don't have the factory alternator on my car (I have the 2001+ Cougar / Escape style with the 1 nut and 2 bolt side mount style. Nice thing is I removed the nut and 2 bolts and the alternator slid right out of the way while hanging on the top stud. I did have to modify the rear header slightly to clearance the alternator (those who are familiar with the newer style alternators know that they mount higher up on the engine and are a smaller more compact package which tucks it up beside the manifold / header). I had to heat the one tube and slightly channel it, nothing major. Total install time took me 6 hours with removing the old stock manifolds and modifying everything to work. Now it's off to the exhaust shop to have the whole true dual system installed with new cats and muffler... Can't wait to hear how it sounds and see how she performs.
  12. BuckeyeSVT
    Well, sometimes they say that if you are wishing for it - you'll get it. The overall tone of the exhaust is good, however around 2400-2900RPM the system is pretty friggin loud. I imagine I will have to experiment with mufflers again to get this quieted down a bit, we'll see.
    Here's some teasers of the exhaust installation:


  13. BuckeyeSVT
    Today started out early around 5:30AM... Hitched up the trailer and headed west to Indiana to help Billy pick up a new addition to the local Contour family. Since the car was located in Elkhart we (well I did) decided to check out Tire Rack's warehouse. South Bend is only about a half hour from Elkhart so we set out to take a look. I came back from Tire Rack with a new set of wheels and tires. It's nice to be able to walk in and see every wheel they have and pick the tire (which they also have) and then get it all mounted and balanced to go. I'll throw in some teaser shots of the new arrival, Tire Rack and also my new wheels. I will get proper shots once I get the rest of the car cleaned up and more photogenic..lol.
  14. BuckeyeSVT
    I just received a couple of engines from my local supplier, one of those is a 2007 Ford 500 engine with 12K on it. I decided to take a look at that engine closely (in my shop) and examine what differences there are. I only have exterior pics at the moment and will open up the engine some to take a look inside shortly. Have fun looking at the pics..
    BTW - My car was outside getting some sunlight, it's almost ready to go and I have wheels ordered. The color looks very rich in the sunlight, it's hard to get pictures of exactly. Make sure you blow up the image to get a good look at it..lol.
  15. BuckeyeSVT
    It turns out we are drying out the engine well around here for low mileage 3.0L's. Normally we try to stick with 20K mile engines, but these days those engines are coming from yards all over the map. Since we now recognize a glut of 2005-2007 500/Montego engines we are currently in the process of validating one of these engines for 3.0L service as well. They are slightly different than the Taurus/Sable and will require some more modifications but we are confident we can get this newer engine family to work. More on this later as things develop.
  16. BuckeyeSVT
    Here's a short update of a couple of pictures I needed to upload from earlier this week.
    Here's the donor engine and transmission going into SVTDEMON's car. I still have to disassemble it and install his clutch and flywheel.

  17. BuckeyeSVT
    I guess I'll keep the updates coming....
    More paint pictures, the home stretch is coming close!!


    Here's SVTDEMON's car waiting for it's new heart (old busted one sitting on the floor in front of it.

  18. BuckeyeSVT
    Looks like I'm at the end of the road with the upgrades... My relocate kit is here, and I have a good idea on the throttle bracket and how to configure it correctly.
    I'll see how much I get done tomorrow and hope that I get it almost all wrapped up.
    P.S. Some pics of the car running and out of the garage with the HID's on... And one that shows off Billy's artistic abilities... Hey Billy - Don't quit your day job!

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